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Handling Aggression In Young Children Part 1

Children are not born aggressive. They learn to become one. Aggression in children needs to be managed early in life. How can you, as a parent, do that? Find out in our top focus for this month.

By Dr Sulata Shenoy and Rajesh Viswanathan

Rita is a mother to two young children, Raju and Ravi, aged 6 and 4 years, respectively. Like most young children, these siblings have already built their group of friends in the community. One day, Sabeeta, a neighbour comes over to Rita’s home to express concern over Raju’s recent bout of physical aggression. Sabeeta states that Raju was caught ‘red-handed’ biting the hand of her son, Sunil. Rita is shocked and wastes no time in spanking the hapless little Raju. The very next day, Raju starts taunting Sunil by calling him names. When Rita gets to know of this, she is shocked even more, but has no clue how to handle the situation that is getting out of control.

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