Halloween Themed Party Ideas For Your Kids

Children love dressing up as their favourite characters from their own fantasy world, replete with fairies, princesses, and witches. This Halloween dress your little angel as a naughty but cute witch.

By Dr Meghna Singhal  • 5 min read

Halloween Themed Party Ideas For Your Kids

My daughter Misha believes that she’s a witch! As a doting mother, I have actually indulged her fantasy. It helps, trust me. In fact, I have been able to successfully avert major meltdowns simply by telling her to use her magic to produce something out of thin air and make her sleep in a dark room, alone. For her fourth birthday, we were sure, without a shadow of a doubt, that she wanted and would absolutely love a Halloween-themed party.

Now I might be quirky, but I have my own share of pet peeves. To begin, I simply cannot stand the idea of giving kids junk food, which I believe is unhealthy or splurging money on expensive décor when you can make the same at home. So Misha and I planned a whole DIY Halloween birthday party, complete with home-made food, themed decorations and games. The preparations started almost a month before her birthday. Since Misha had school on her birthday while I also had work, we had no option to but start preparing in advance. And we took on the challenge head-on.

Here’s what we did:

Halloween Themed Party Ideas For Your Kids

We bought two full rolls of black poster paper from which Misha cut out bat shapes using a cardboard stencil I had made for her. I made two posters to stick on the walls - one with a flying witch painted on it, and the other with a haunted house. 

We used cut-out strips from black garbage bags to make the decorations instead of using streamers. I hung these black strips from a black thread and used black and orange balloons to liven up the drawing room and give it a ‘haunted’ feel. 

Halloween Themed Party Ideas For Your Kids

We covered our TV and bookshelf using a plain white bedsheet, and Misha pasted paper eyes and mouth cut-outs on it, giving it the impression of a ghost. We also took empty toilet rolls and covered them with bandage to resemble a mummy.

We made Misha’s witch costume using a simple Pinterest idea- took strips of black garbage bags and created a no-stich tutu skirt for her. Used black poster paper to roll into a witch’s hat and a tree branch painted black. 

The invites, of course, were Halloween-themed as well and all the party guests (both kids and their parents) had to follow the theme. 

The biggest question was how to fit more than fifteen kids (each accompanied by one or both parents) into our house. My husband suggested we move the party in our club house party hall but I was not convinced about the ‘impersonal’ space. Add to it the practical implications: how would I heat all the food and keep taking it downstairs? And decorating an entire party hall (versus a modest drawing room) would take up an entire week for our two-women army! Fortunately, a wonderful idea struck me: use our own drawing room as a party hall. So we cleared out our furniture, moved it in our balcony, and rented plastic chairs for everyone to sit in the drawing room. I also shifted one of the beds and converted the bedroom into a kids’ gaming zone (aka make-as-much-mess-as-you’d-like room).

Some of the games we played were: chasing the spiders (two kids at a time compete to take their spiders to the finishing line without touching them; they have to blow the spiders on the floor using a straw) and pin the skull (each blindfolded child takes turns to pin a skull on the head of a skeleton).

Halloween Themed Party Ideas For Your Kids

The food was all home-made: The cake was a 2-tier chocolate and lemon sponge with chocolate ganache frosting and fondant toppers. I made themed chocolate cupcakes with toppers like witch’s broom, spider, mummy face, ghost, and many more. For starters there was pink lemonade, bread sticks, veggie sticks (assembled in the shape of a skeleton) with home-made hummus, and Frankenstein-faced sandwiches. For lunch, there was mini pizzas, pasta, and fried rice (both veg and non-veg). I had cut all the veggies and made the pizza and pasta sauce in advance and frozen them. On the day of the party, it hardly took a few minutes to throw all the cooked sauces and veggies in with boiled pasta and sprinkle cheese on top.

All in all, it was big effort but even bigger fun! Through this bash, I was able to work as a team with my daughter and teach her valuable skills in teamwork, communication, and even negotiation.

I was able to drive home the importance of home-cooked food, which is freshly prepared with our own hands with love that celebrations really deserve. Not an unhealthy dose of processed food with harmful chemicals and preservatives. And most of all, I was able to demonstrate to my daughter that nothing is insurmountable- if we put our brains and hearts to it, we can do anything!

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About the author:

Written by Meghna Singhal, PhD on 23 October 2020. 

Dr. Singhal is a clinical psychologist and currently heads the Content Solutions Zone at ParentCircle. She has a doctorate degree from NIMHANS (Bangalore) and holds a post-doctorate in parenting from the University of Queensland (Australia).

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