“Good food helps heal the body”

In today’s age, we do not hesitate to reach out for the nearest bottle of medicine to cure an illness. But, do you know that a macrobiotic diet can be equally effective?

By Kalyani Krishna

“Good food helps heal the body”

During ancient times, healthy food and eating was the only medicine that man needed to combat various diseases. Eating the right food in the right quantity has helped humans develop immunity, keep deadly diseases at bay and fight several infections.

Shonali Sabherwal is one such celebrity nutritionist who is deeply passionate about the concept of Macrobiotic food and its healing properties. In an interaction with ParentCircle, she unravels the secrets behind Macrobiotic diet and its benefits.

1. What is a Macrobiotic diet?

Macro, in simple terms, means large. A macrobiotic diet focusses on eating large, healthy food all the time. It was invented in Japan by George Ohsawa in 1913 and was later introduced to Westerners, especially in the US by Michio Kushi. The macrobiotic diet is based on the idea of balancing yin and yang of everything we consume for a healthy lifestyle.

2. How different is a Macrobiotic diet different from other food plans?

Although, there are several cooking styles, we aim at changing the PH balance, blood structure, incorporation of more alkaline-based food, detoxifying and helping body cells shed out all toxins to cure various ailments. I was first introduced to this while my father was suffering from cancer. However, then I wasn’t sure on the various cooking methods involved in it. I later learnt the nuances of a macrobiotic diet. It is not just about protein, carbs, fat etc. It is all about nutrition specific energy coupled with healing.

3. Tell us something about your brand ‘Soul Food’?

My brand ‘Soul Food’ focuses primarily on the importance of good food to heal the body. It is surprising to note that we can reverse several health conditions just by feeding the right food in right amounts. I am also trained in Oriental facial and meridian diagnosis in which we read about the condition of various organs by just reading the face. Meridian diagnosis is the manifestation of meridian lines on the face. Through face mapping, we can detect the health condition of the patient.

My books The Detox Diet, The Beauty Diet and The Love Diet talk about this unique approach towards a healthy and happy life.

4. Please tell us about your role as a member of the advisory board of Ecole Mondiale World School. 

I am on the advisory board and have so far completed two years of healthy canteen program. We should accept the fact that kids don’t like to eat healthy food preferring processed foods instead. Therefore, it is our responsibility as parents to make them get habituated to a good and healthy diet. Reducing the intake of sugar is my first and foremost mantra. Introduce brown rice, millets instead of white sugar and maida. It is easy to whip up very tasty, healthy cutlets, poha, milkshakes with whole wheat, and various millets and include a lot of local vegetables and fruits. Cut down on dairy products too.

These foods make the condition of blood healthy. A more alkaline-based diet helps in growing good bacteria in the gut.

5. Could you give us a general diet plan for a growing child?

For breakfast, go with whole grains from brown rice to millets. Include chaawal ka roti, cutlets, dosas, idlis, appams to keep the day going.

For lunch, include lots of greens, rotis, salads fermented with salt, apple cider vinegar, lime for good bacteria in the gut. One can also choose quick pickle.

For dinner, go for fruits, greens, and vegetables. Avoid dairy products and junk foods.

6. You have worked with celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Siddharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernanadez? How different are their eating habits?

Working on a diet chart for a celebrity is very similar to drawing a diet plan for a normal person. It is just that they expect faster results. Since their job is very demanding, they also expect faster results. They are quite committed to their diet chart, knowledgeable about their food. Since they travel a lot, they are completely aware of what they are eating and how much is too much!

About the author:

Kalyani Krishna is a chennai-based freelance writer.

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