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‘Global’ Diwali: When India Lights Up The World

Diwali knows no boundaries. From the White House in the US to the Opera House in Sydney, the festival is celebrated with great spirit. Here’s how ‘Global’ Diwali is celebrated...

By Team ParentCircle

Lights, action. Well, this is not a movie shoot, but the real scene in many countries as they celebrate the festival of lights. Diwali has truly become a global phenomenon, bringing together people to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. This festival is celebrated with great fanfare not just in India, but in many parts of the world as well. In this story, we pick a handful of countries that are celebrating Diwali in special ways. Share this story of magnificent revelry with friends and family staying in these countries. Psst...they may end up having more fun than you during this colourful festival!

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