Get The Best Out Of YouTube

YouTube is a cool tool not just for entertainment but also for effective learning. It opens up never-before possibilities for learning. Read on for some practical tips...

By Ram Shankar  • 4 min read

Get The Best Out Of YouTube

YouTube is a vast ocean of content. It has everything from kindergarten lessons to IIT lectures, from nursery rhymes to movie clips, from learning to play a musical instrument on your own to learning Kung Fu from a master in China. And, you get all of this without stepping out of your home.

With such limitless possibilities for learning, YouTube can be a great boon for your child. However, like all forms of media, YouTube too has its dark side. Along with content of educative value, there is also plenty of inappropriate content available on it. Chances are that your pre-teen may stumble upon these without even realising the harm they can cause. Also, there are privacy issues and bullying risks.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to shield your child from such dangers while also helping her get the best of the world’s largest video-sharing platform. Safety first, as is always the case. So, let’s get started with some quick tips in this regard.

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