Gadget Free Hour: Creative Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Family

Looking to spend some gadget free time with your family? Here are a few fun and exciting craft projects that the whole family can do together

By Vani Venugopal  • 4 min read

Gadget Free Hour: Creative Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Family

We spend so much time connected to our gadgets that our connection with our family is suffering. It is time to make a change and spend time reconnecting with our families, away from gadgets. And what better way to do that than creating something together?

Here are some absolutely fun craft and DIY ideas to get the entire family together and have a blast, with a little help from Fevicreate! Scroll down to bookmark or download your favourite ones and you’re all set to have a great time with your family, minus gadgets!

Age Group: 6-9 Years

1. Indoor Foosball

The perfect craft project to get your children excited - a DIY foosball game! This can be made using things you can easily find around the house, and once done, it’s a riot to play! 

2. Butterfly Wings 

These colourful butterfly wings are super easy to make and you can let your little one go wild with the colours and glitter! And what’s more, once done, she can wear these wings and flutter around the house. 

3. Giraffe Stationery Holder

A creative way to organize your child’s messy study table! Fun and easy to make, your child is sure to love this giraffe stationery holder.

4. DIY Aliens 

Use those discarded tissue rolls at home to make these quirky alien characters. Get your child to personalise the characters and name them to make it more fun.

5. Colourful Photoframe 

Cherish your favourite family photos with this colourful photo frame. It will make great addition to your child’s bedroom.

Age Group: 10-12 Years

1. Finger Hockey

Can’t go out and play? Have fun indoors instead! Create your own unique finger hockey game and have blast with the family.

2. DIY Scrabble

Word games are a great way to get your child learn new words and spelling. What if you can create your own Scrabble set at home? Make alphabets, decorate and have fun with this DIY Srcabble game. 

3. Gift Box

Perfect for the festive season, these colourful bags make great personalised gift packaging. They are also a fun project for the entire family.

4. Monster Dustbin

This quirky desk dustbin is a great way to get your child to keep her desk tidy. It’s easy to make and your child can add personal touches to make the monster character more fun!

5. Hulk Santisation Centre

Perfect for these pandemic times, this DIY organiser is a great way to organise your sanitization spot at home. Your children are sure to love the Hulk highlights!

6. Festive Tissue Holder 

This DIY tissue holder is a great project for your child to unleash her creativity. It requires minimal raw materials and will be a fun accent to add to your dining table.

Age Group: 13-14 Years

1. DIY Dream Catcher

Children love dream catchers and are sure to be excited about making one on their own. Get them more interested by telling them the history and tradition behind dream catchers. 

2. Festive Wall Hanging

This hand-made clay wall hanging will add a splash of colour to your home. Children will love playing around with colours and tassels while making them. 

3. Superhero Lamp

This will make the perfect lamp for your child’s bedroom. He is sure to have a lot of fun making this DIY lamp featuring his favourite superheroes. It’s also a superb idea for a personalised gift.

4. Mr Froggy Storage Box

Made by upcycling used coconut shells and old newspapers, Mr Froggy storage box is a project that kids will love. Besides, you will also end up with a fun and quirky organizer for your home.

5. Coconut shell Diyas

This is a creative way to upcycle coconut shells that would otherwise be tossed into the dustbin. Apart from being a fun craft project, this also a great way to teach your child about sustainability.

6. DIY Christmas Trees 

These cute little Christmas trees are very easy to make and add a festive vibe to your home. Children will love making the little stars that go on top of the trees.

This World Children’s Day, November 20, 2020, take the GadgetFreeHour Pledge and experience the joy of connecting with children and family. 

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Written by Vani Venugopal on 19 November 2020.

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