Funny Comics On Parenting During The Pandemic

Don’t you think we all need a dose of laughter to cheer us up as we are living our days in anxiety amidst the ongoing pandemic? These seven comic strips will surely make you smile and warm your heart

By Monali Bordoloi  • 6 min read

Funny Comics On Parenting During The Pandemic
If art reflects life, it does so with special mirrors, — Bertolt Brecht, theatre practitioner, playwright, and poet

What if someone highlights your daily struggle as parent during these self-quarantine days? Don’t you end up saying, "That’s exactly how I feel these days!" There are a bunch of talented creators and illustrators (some of them are parents themselves) who are highlighting the daily struggles of parents and the results are hilarious comics that are lapped up by everyone. We are sure you can also relate to many of the situations illustrated in these comics.

Many artists have used their creativity to present their take on the changed scenario, life after the pandemic and, specifically, life of a parent in the times of the coronavirus. Some of these comics are downright funny while others are oh-so-relatable. The interesting part is that these comics can appeal to parents living in any corner of the world as we all are dealing with the same set of issues during the pandemic. 

Some of the common topics that are highlighted in these comics are, work from home issues, heightened hygiene practices, frustrations about making kids understand hygiene and social distancing, added work and cooking due to the pandemic, home schooling, pandemic-related anxiety and more. In a way, these comics sum up the whole gamut of parenting during the pandemic.

We have scoured the net and curated 7 funny comics from the Instagram account of their creators for you. These hilarious comics depict day-to-day issues faced by parents as a result of the pandemic. For more such bone-tickling comics, you can check out the Instagram account of the creators. Do share your views if you have encountered such situations recently!

Comics by illustrator Brian Gordon, himself a dad of four children,  have been widely loved during the pandemic for its relatable and funny take on life after the coronavirus. This one is from his Instagram account, which is named FowlLanguage Comics as he uses poultry to send his message across.

This comic by Chris Grady from the Instagram account lunarbaboon pays tribute to corona warriors and shows that they are way ahead of superheroes. 

This sketch by Anna Lewis of the Sketchy Muma fame shows what all moms are facing these days — never-ending housework and cleaning while taking care of messy children!

Another hilarious but close to the reality comic from the Instagram account of Alison Wong of the newmomcomics fame that shows how the pandemic has forced us to take our picnics to the backyard!

Many women can relate to this comic by Adrienne Hedger of Hedger Humor Instagram account. This shows why sometimes we don’t mind wearing the mask anyway, virus or not!

This one is epic as it shows the real picture of a household during the pandemic. Do we have to say more?

Another one from Anna Lewis of the Sketchy Muma account. Here, she has suggested an activity we can all do while we are cooped up inside. Yes, dance your way into driving away all your anxieties. Don't forget to ask your children to join in! 

These comics that highlight everyday life of a parent during the pandemic are sure to appeal to parents across the world. If you were anxious about your child’s safety or feeling guilty about not attending to them, take a chill pill and enjoy a good laugh over these cartoons. Happy Parenting! 

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Parenting In The Time Of Covid-19

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Written by Monali Bordoloi on 19 August 2020.

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