Fun Ways To Watch The ICC World Cup With Family

After four long years, the World Cup cricket is back to regale us! Get together as a family and cheer for your favourite team and cricketers with these fun ways! Make this rare occasion a special one.

By Ashwin Dewan  • 9 min read

Fun Ways To Watch The ICC World Cup With Family
Nothing unites the country and family like a good game of cricket

Excitement is in the air as the much-awaited event that takes place every four years is back again! Yes, we are talking about the ICC World Cup cricket that is slated to be held in England and Wales from 30 May 2019 to 14 July 2019. The event has sent cricket fans into a frenzy as they gear up to cheer and support the ‘Men in Blue’!

In a surprising turn, this year’s edition of the ‘gentleman’s game’ has only 10 teams participating. Of course, India is one among the 10. And as history has it, every time there is a game involving India, it is treated like a festive occasion in every other corner across the country. Plans have been made, popcorn and chips stocked up, the team jerseys taken out and dusted, paints ready to adorn delighted faces – in short, there are several ways to watch the ICC World Cup with the entire family. We will show you some exciting and fun ways to go about it!

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and discover unique ways to watch the ICC World Cup.

Fun way 1: Install a projector or opt for a large-screen television

Nothing beats the thrill of watching a cricket match on the big screen. If a large television is beyond your budget, try a projector instead. It comes within a budget compared to a large screen television and is not much trouble setting up. Once the installation is done, sit back and enjoy the match from the cosy confines of your living room.

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Fun way 2: Take on the role of your team’s cheering squad

No cricket match is complete without a complete set of cheerleaders. Be one for your team even as you watch them play on the television. How? Start by making paper pom-poms and wave them every time a four or a six is scored or a wicket taken. Pom-poms come in different shapes, sizes, colours and designs. You can even make one by following the steps below:

  • Layer around 10 big plastic bags one on top of each other (trash bags are the most suitable)
  • Cut off the top and bottom bits of the trash bags
  • Fold the trash bags
  • Cut the bags along the folded line
  • Cut slits in the bags
  • Gather the bags
  • Fluff the pom-poms

Once the pom-poms are done, get ready to do a little jig; wave them about and cheer for your team.

Fun way 3: Set up the mood and ambiance to match the occasion

Try to create a 'crickety' atmosphere using game-related stuff to deck up your homes. You can do this by decorating the living room with posters and memorabilia of the different teams participating in the ICC World Cup. Raise the level by a bar by inserting a cardboard cutout of your favourite players, place a replica of the ICC World Cup on the centre table and even place a few bats, balls and wickets in the room, to add that extra touch. And while you are doing all these, deck yourself up in your favourite team’s jersey to show your undying loyalty.

Make a best wishes board using a large poster. Attach it to the wall and every member of the family can write there best wishes to the team in their own words. With all the effort being put in, invite your friends or neighbours over to join in the fun. More the merrier!

Fun way 4: Set up a mini food and snack counter

Cheering for your team can be tiring. What better way to re-energise than by munching on some delicious snacks. Stock up on all-time match favourites like popcorn, ready to eat finger food, ice cream and much more. Popcorn is a hit with both adults and children alike, and is available in a variety of flavours such as caramel, chili and cheese apart from the usual butter.

Finger foods can include slices of fruits and vegetables such as cucumber, banana and carrot with a dash of salt or chili. Other options for quick bites that are quite popular with children are French fries, cheese balls and potato garlic bites.

Wash it all down with a nice, tall glass of fresh fruit juice or a healthy smoothie. 

Note: Ensure you have disposable cutlery at an arm’s length so you can continue to watch the match uninterrupted.

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Fun way 5: Create fun, interesting quizzes during the match break

During the halftime break, try to think of some creative cricket-related trivia that will keep you and your family occupied till the second half begins. For starters, a quiz on the teams and the players of that match will be interesting. Try to throw in prizes in the form of chocolates and vouchers that will ensure the full attention of the whole family involved. Make teams, be competitive and involve your children in the fun!

Fun way 6: Paint your face in the colours of your favourite team

This activity is not only fun but will bring out the creative side of the entire family. Why let only the fans watching the match live have all the fun? Channel your inner creativity and paint your face with the colours of the team or the country flag. For example, if it is the tricolour, you will need saffron, green, white and blue paint. Proceed to paint the Indian flag on your cheeks, one at a time. Using white colour as the base, add the colours of the Indian flag and you can even sprinkle some glitter.

ICC World Cup Cricket 2019: Interesting facts for you to know

  1. England and Wales will be hosting the World Cup for the fifth time, after hosting this event in 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999.
  2. This year, there will be no quarter finals held.
  3. The World Cup trophy will be two feet in height and approximately 11 kilograms in weight.
  4. During the 2011 World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka, the umpire failed to hear the call during the toss for the first time. So, the toss happened twice.
  5. Former India great Sachin Tendulkar holds the enviable record for the most runs scored in the World Cup.
  6. India’s Chetan Sharma was the first bowler to take a hat trick in the World Cup. He achieved this feat against New Zealand during the 1987 edition.
  7. Zimbabwe, who have been participating in the World Cup since 1983, are missing from this year's edition.

Now that you are all prepared to watch the World Cup with your family, get ready to enjoy this sporting extravaganza and cheer your team to the trophy. It’s time to once again let your hair down and enjoy some good game of cricket!

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