Fun Games and Activities For Toddlers That Will Make Them Happy

Are you looking for ways to keep your toddler engaged without gadgets? Here are 20 fun and exciting ways to keep your toddler busy indoors. Read on

By Deepthi Balasunder  • 7 min read

Fun Games and Activities For Toddlers That Will Make Them Happy

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Managing toddlers during the pandemic has been a challenge for most parents. With limited access to outside help, parents have had to find ways to keep the little ones engaged all day while attending to their jobs as well. To keep your little munchkin out of trouble, most of us readily hand over our phones or tablets into his eager little hands or turn on the television for some 'quiet' time. We get that! However, before your toddler starts growing dependent on gadgets, it is time to pause and start over.

Toddlers love to explore every part of their 'little' big world, be it under the carpet or the highest cupboard in the room. Get down on the floor with your little one, laugh with her, play games or engage in activities such as drawing or crafts.

To help you with this, we offer you 20 exciting toddler games and activities that your little family can indulge in for some pure unadulterated family fun while staying indoors. All you need to do is pick from these 20 super fun ideas. Watch time fly by as you create memories of a lifetime!

Fun toddler games and activities

Learning games for toddlers

Mirror act: Did your baby learn a new trick, like how to wiggle her tongue or say “dudu”? Imitate her. In fact, mimic whatever she does and watch her giggle with glee. She will not tire of this any time soon.

Sink or float: Collect a few toys and household items. Drop the items into a bucket of water, one by one, to see which one sinks and which one floats. Use objects of different sizes and weights, so your toddler can understand the difference between the two. Shout out “sink’ and ‘float” when it happens!

Listen and tell: Ask your child to close his eyes. Make different sounds with items around the house – crumple a piece of paper or squeeze his favourite squeaky toy. Your baby must guess what the secret item is!

Sort it out: Give your toddler a jumbled mix of safe toys and household items in four different colours. Ask him to sort and categorise these items by colour – red, blue, yellow and green. Voice out each colour as he sorts them!

Crafts for toddlers

Build a fort: Nothing like a cosy little fort with cardboard boxes, blankets, pillows, cushions and bedsheets for your little one. Let your child put her favourite soft toys inside the fort and sleep in for the night

Fine motor activities for toddlers

Guess what: Ask your child to close her eyes. Then, place an object right in front of her. Allow her to touch and feel the object. Ask her to try and guess what it is. If she guesses it correctly, do a little jig with her.

Beany bowl: Give your child a mixed bowl of seeds, beans, lentils and grains and let him scoop them with a spoon and transfer to another bowl. Let his hands touch the beans as it falls into the container. Be watchful to make sure your toddler doesn’t put anything in his mouth, nose or ear!

Coin trick: Take three cups, hide a coin under an upside-down cup and shuffle the cups a few times. Now ask your toddler to guess which cup holds the coin. Do it slowly and do it fast – just to liven up the game! Just imagine the reaction on your child’s face when he guesses it right.

Goofy faces: How about a contest? Who can make the goofiest facial expressions? Try to twist your faces as weirdly as you possibly can. This game is sure to leave both baby and you in splits.

Shadow play: Turn off the lights and use a torch to create shadows on a wall. Use your imagination (and fingers) to display some animals and objects. Ask your child to guess the shadow shape. Cheer when he is right. You can even make up a story with different shadowy characters and keep him entertained.

Indoor games for toddlers

Tunnel crawl: Line up a few chairs. Drop a blanket over them. Ask your child to crawl through the tunnel made of blanket-covered chairs. And you can crawl right next to him on the outside. You could time it and make it a sport! Take caution with sharp edges or chairs falling.

Pots n’ pans: Make some ‘musical’ merry as you and your child bang on some empty pots and pans with wooden spoons! Children love making noise – join in and make it louder! So, what if your neighbour is unhappy!

Freeze dance: Play some music and bogey around. Stop the music abruptly and all those who are dancing must stop on the spot and not move. Once the music plays again, continue to wiggle and giggle. You can alternate this with the age-old ‘passing the parcel’.

Where is ‘baby’? Within safe boundaries, ask your baby to hide. Even if you can spot her, pretend you can’t see her, and take some time to find her. As you search, keep reciting ‘where is baby?”, ‘where is baby?’ and when you find her exclaim, ‘there you are!”

Puppet time: A puppet can always come to your rescue each time you need to read a book or sing a song to your tiny tot. You can make a paper one or buy one of those furry hand and finger puppets. Goof around, dance and sing along with your child!

Fun Games and Activities For Toddlers That Will Make Them Happy

Outdoor games for toddlers

Doctor doctor: Hospitals and doctors can be scary for children. Make it fun by playing ‘doctor doctor’ with them. You can be the doctor and your child can be the patient. Switch roles. Ask the right questions, check her temperature and heartbeat! Pretend, enact and play.

Line up: Kids enjoy lining up toys in a row. Together, try to make the longest row of dinosaurs, farm animals or cars as possible. Make it challenging and ask her to line them up from the smallest to the biggest.

Splish Splash: Nothing like water. Just give them a bucket of water to sit with and let them just splash it around. Maybe together, wash some toys in it. With spoons and ladles, your child can scoop water and pour it into little cups or bowls! Be careful not to leave your child alone with a bucket of water even for a minute.

Pretend play: Let your child embark into a whole new world of being doctors, parents, chefs and teachers with you! Different play sets are available in the marketplace like the doctor set, cooking set, tool set, etc. Or just improvise with things around the house. Pretend, enact and play!

Crawling game: Get on all fours with your child and act like animals such as a hoppity rabbit, a spunky monkey or a jumping kangaroo. Have fun!

Wasn’t that a fun ride? Remember, the life of a toddler is all about the simplest and silliest of things. You don’t need to go searching to pick the best ways to spend quality time together. They are all around you. We hope that with these activities, you and your toddler can spend some fun, quality time together, creating happy memories and, most importantly, simply connecting with each other!

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