Fun Activities To Keep Your Child Fit

For your child, routine exercises may be boring. But, when you combine fun and fitness, she would simple love it. Here are some fun activities for her!

By Namita Jain  • 5 min read

Fun Activities To Keep Your Child Fit

By nature, children are physically active. However, the advent of gadgets such as the smartphone, television and computer have turned them into couch potatoes. Much of their time is spent idling away with the phone or tab in hand. Over time, these habits, which result in a sedentary lifestyle could lead to obesity and various lifestyle-related diseases.

It is important to set aside some time every day to do activities your child enjoys. Here are five fun fitness activities you can do with your child outdoors or at home. Remember, the key is doing it together.

Fun Activities To Keep Your Child Fit

Things to note while buying and adjusting a cycle

  • When your child straddles the cycle close to the handlebar, with both feet flat on the ground on either side, there should be a minimum two-inch clearance between his body and the top tube that connects the seat to the handlebar. This will ensure that he will not get hurt even if he has to get off his cycle in a hurry.
  • While seated, one or both of your child’s feet must touch the ground.
  • While cycling, your child’s knees should not touch the handlebar. On the other hand, when the pedal is all the way to the bottom, your child’s leg must be slightly bent. If he is tiptoeing, the seat is too high.

Vijender Singh: Go for it

2008 Olympic bronze-medallist and professional boxer Vijender Singh is a firm believer in children staying fit. He insists that parents should look at sports and fitness as a way of life for children. Vijender in conversation with ParentCircle says,

"Sports imbibe in you a willingness to take up any challenge that comes your way. Be prepared to get punched (laughs). You must train, train every day and train hard to prepare yourself. All I want to tell every parent is let your child live his dream, let him do what he feels like. The family is an integral part of anything that you do in life. Encourage your child to take up a sport."

Fitness is a necessity but it sure can be fun. Join your child and encourage her to try out different activities to figure what she considers fun. Keep in mind that if the activities become too regimented or rule-driven, your child will ‘run away’ and avoid them. Keep it simple, flexible and entertaining!

Namita Jain is a wellness expert and has authored over 10 best-selling books on health and fitness.

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