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Folk Tales To Teach Gratitude And Honesty

In the first part of our brand new series ‘Value lessons from invaluable stories’, we look at how you can teach your child the important traits of gratitude and honesty through short stories.

By Aarthi Arun

I vividly remember my grandfather sitting in a rocking chair and narrating folk tales to us. At the end of each story, he would ask us what we learnt from it. Our responses ranged from “the fox was very cunning,” to “why did the rabbit make fun of the tortoise thatha? Wasn’t that bad?” Identifying with the characters in such stories helps children understand the difference between right and wrong. Though these folk tales are hundreds and thousands of years old, the values they bring with them are evergreen and eternal. No wonder short stories remain one of the most powerful tools for teaching our children morals and values. We begin our new series ‘Value lessons from invaluable stories’ with a couple of amazing stories to teach your child the traits of gratitude and honesty. Here we go.

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