Folk Tales On Planning And Hard Work

In our series, ‘Valuable Lessons from Invaluable Stories’, this month, we share tales that illustrate the importance of hard work and planning for success in life.

By Team ParentCircle

Remember the proud feeling on your child’s face when she first learnt to ride her bicycle? You too must have felt over the moon then. But, was it a smooth ride to perfection? Certainly not. Well, in every household, it is almost like a scripted ‘tale’. Stage 1 – First, the child gets excited at the sight of her new bicycle. Stage 2 – Thinking it is easy, she tries to ride but falls and hurts herself. She is now scared to ride the bicycle. Stage 3 – You motivate her. You come up with a goal for her and plan the steps to achieve it. She works hard, and those fears and tears soon pave the way for cheers. The two traits that make a difference in this journey - planning and hard work! Teach these super skills to your child with the below folktales.

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