Folk Tales On Christmas For Kids

How did Christmas traditions come into being? Here are two unusual tales — from Germany and North America — to help your child understand the true spirit of this season. Merry Christmas!

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Folk Tales On Christmas For Kids

It is December again and the air is becoming cooler, with our neighbourhoods getting ready for the festive season. Christmas holidays are the perfect time to huddle with your loved ones and exchange stories. From How The Grinch Stole Christmas to A Christmas Carol, these are stories that celebrate the true spirit of Christmas — the joy of giving. So, how about Santa gifting your child two fun fables to help her understand Christmas traditions better. Here we go…

The Tinsel Garland

Itsy, the little spider, lives in the attic of a large house in northern Germany. It is Christmas time, and the family living in the house is busy cleaning it. The mother doesn't leave a spot, as she cleans every nook and corner of the house. 'Swoosh,’ comes the mother's broom, and sweeps away Itsy and her friends out into the garden.

Itsy and her friends are disappointed that they will not be able to see the beautiful Christmas tree the family is planning to keep in the house. They plan to meet Baby Jesus and put forward their wish. They appeal in a chorus to Baby Jesus, “Oh, Christ Child, why can't we have a glimpse of the magical Christmas Tree? We want to enjoy its immaculate beauty too.” Hearing their plea, Baby Jesus is moved. As it is His birthday, Baby Jesus feels that it is right to share the joy with spiders. So, He invites the spiders to come and see the tree that night.

The spiders step into the house later that night when the family is asleep. They are awestruck by the glorious, towering tree. In their excitement, they clamber up and down the tree, marvelling at its beauty. After checking the tree to their heart's content, they thank Baby Jesus and leave.

When Baby Jesus looks up at the tree, He sees that the cobwebs are running through the length and breadth of the tree. He understands that seeing the tree adorned with cobwebs will upset the mother. So he touches the webs, and in a moment, they turn into gold strings. And that, they say, is how the practice of hanging tinsel garlands around the Christmas Tree came about!

Points for discussion

1. Why does Baby Jesus allow the spiders to see the tree?

2. Can your child tell an instance where he showed kindness to animals? 

Folk Tales On Christmas For Kids

Santa and the Elves

People around the world celebrate this winter festival with much pomp. For Saint Nicholas (aka Santa Claus) who is living in North America, this festive time keeps him extremely busy. He has thousands of people waiting outside his house to meet him in person. There are times when people shove and quarrel with each other.

All Saint Nicholas wants is to go about his work as quietly as possible and escape from the crowd. So, he moves to a peaceful desert in the middle of nowhere. He finds it absolutely silent, except for an occasional lizard or a vulture. He feels bored after a while, so he packs his bags and moves again to a lonely island in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. A ship passes by and comes to know that Saint Nicholas is living there and takes the news to the mainland. Soon, hundreds of people climb aboard ships to visit him. Santa loses his cool and moves again. This time, he escapes to the uninhabited ice lands of the Arctic. He travels for many days and comes across a small house with smoke swirling from the chimney. In need of warmth and rest, he eagerly knocks on the door. There, in that little house in the barren ice, live peculiar little people called Elves. They offer a place of refuge to Santa. The next day, Santa thanks them for their kindness and gets ready to leave. But, the Elves ask Santa to stay with them forever. They promise to share his workload and help him during the busy Christmas season. And that is how the Elves became Santa’s special helpers!

Points for discussion

1. Why does Santa prefer the company of the Elves?

2. According to your child, what is the true meaning of Christmas? And, what role does Santa play in Christmas celebrations?

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