Five Reasons Why Routine Check-up Of Your Child Is A Must

A healthy child is every parent's dream. You may be showering the best possible care on her, but you must remember that she requires regular check-ups with her doctor to be healthy

By Team ParentCircle  • 6 min read

Five Reasons Why Routine Check-up Of Your Child Is A Must

A mother of a five-year old child was recently stumped when during a visit to get her son vaccinated, she was told by a paediatrician that routine check-ups are a life-long process that should be made a part and parcel of one’s lifestyle. “It is a misnomer that routine check-ups are a waste of time and money soon after the child starts to speak. After the vaccination stage is done with, some parents are under the impression that a doctor visit is necessary only during emergencies. But that’s not the case. Time-to-time check-ups to ensure that your child is keeping good health, are a must. More so in today’s day and age where issues arise without any warning,” Dr Deepa Passi, head of the department, paediatric ward at the Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi has to say.

If you haven’t yet given routine check-ups a serious thought, the time is now!

Here is why it is so important to visit your doc every once-in-a-while to make sure all is well.  

For your own peace of mind
If you are an active member of any parent community, you are going to feel bogged down when other parents discuss issues and developmental stages of their children. A simple thing like why does your child not speak clearly at 3 or why does he huff and pant at the end of a small job, is enough to give you sleepless nights. Scampering through the Internet is not going to help. Instead, fix an appointment with your family doctor and promise to keep following up with routine check-ups.

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Nip the problem at the bud

It may not be visible to the naked eye but your child could be displaying symptoms of a serious ailment. Juvenile diabetes, for instance, peaks at an early stage and if not treated from the very start, it could grow to be a huge problem. A routine check-up could save you the trouble, just in time too.

Better safe than to be sorry
You definitely don’t want your teenage daughter to blame your negligence as the reason why she has a mark in her skin that cannot be treated. If you haven’t made routine check-ups a part of your everyday life, small problems like this could escalate into bigger hassles. Before you know it, you are dealing with something bigger than you can handle. Save yourself the tension.  

Address all your concerns
It’s but natural to have many questions up your sleeves when you visit a doctor for a routine check-up. Don’t fret about asking mundane questions like – why does my child mix-up his alphabets or why is he always angry? As a parent, you have all the right to know the why’s and how’s of your ward and this is as good a time as any to start questioning. 

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Be an inspiration for your child

Routine doctor visits are a great tool to encourage health-wise habits in children. Remember if you have made routine doctor visits a part of your itinerary, you are inspiring your children to learn this life skill. By your actions, they understand that health cannot be compromised with and they will emulate this when they grow up.  

It’s not easy to predict and prevent your child from every possible ailment there is. But if you have signed up for an ideal routine check-up schedule basis the age of your ward, expect some sort of a relief.