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First Aid Tips Fever, Cold and Diarrhoea

In our first aid series this month, a renowned paediatrician talks about the two elements that bother most parents when it comes to conditions like fever, cold and diarrhoea.

By Dr Rajath Athreya

‘What to do’ and ‘When to worry’ are two of the most common phrases we hear in households when a child goes through a bout of fever, cold or diarrhoea. This, despite the fact that these ailments are rather common, and we do hear medical professionals use phrases like ‘nothing to worry’ and ‘do not panic’. Having said that, the parental concern is understandable given that we hear about conditions like swine flu and dengue way too often these days. Here is a doctor providing you a handy guide on why not to panic, what to do as a first aid, and when to worry and seek medical help.

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