First Aid for Foreign Object Intrusion

The panic that sets in when a foreign object gets stuck in your child’s throat, nose or ear is simply unimaginable. In our First Aid series this month, we tell you what to do in such an emergency.

By Team ParentCircle

5-year-old Mithun is playing by himself in his room. His mother, Sheela, is setting the table for lunch, and asks Mithun to come over. He doesn’t respond to her. Mithun’s grandmother tells Sheela that she’ll go and bring him. As she enters the room, the little boy quickly hides the toy car he has in his hand. She senses Mithun has done something. She calmly reaches out to him to hug him, and takes the car from Mithun’s hand to examine it. She notices the battery slot of the car is open.

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