Father's Day Gift Ideas To Bring Out A Smile

Daddy has it all, what can we possibly gift him? Buying gifts for men is a herculean task, let alone kids buying for their dads! Well, here are some Father's Day gift ideas to get you started.

By Siddiqha Naseem  • 8 min read

Father's Day Gift Ideas To Bring Out A Smile

I was in second grade when it happened. One day at school, our teacher told the class it was Father’s Day and that every child around the world celebrates this day by giving gifts or making something special for their father. She made each of us draw and colour a picture of our dads using colourful crayons. I happily drew one too. But somehow, I wanted to give him something more.

So I made him a ring. Yes! A finger ring from good ol' copper wire. I found a piece of wire in the garage and twisted it around a fountain pen, assuming that it would be the size of my dad's finger. So I made the ring and gifted it to him proudly. He was delighted to receive it and the ring slid perfectly into his little finger. On being mocked by my elder brother who said "Did you just gift abba a fake ring?" I replied haughtily saying I will get him a real one when I earn enough money.

Last year, I turned 21 and got a job. And I gifted my dad a gold ring from my hard-earned money on Father's Day. It was a beautiful jewel. But what was more beautiful was when he pulled out the copper ring from his locker and narrated the story behind it. A story I had forgotten but remembered by him all these years. Both our eyes welled up, followed by one of the warmest hugs ever. It is and will be one of the fondest Father's Day memories of my life!

This year I'm here to share some Father’s Day gift ideas with you. Toddler or adult, anyone can give meaningful gifts to express their love. Also, you can team it up with a beautiful Father's Day quote or heartfelt message, and brighten up his day. Read on to know more!

Father's Day gift ideas for new dads (20 to 30-year-olds)

The dads in their 20s and 30s are the new age dads busy being hands-on and taking care of their little ones. But what can preschoolers gift their daddies? Well, what better than the most precious and meaningful gift ever – infinite hugs and kisses. No other gift equals that!

Father's Day Gift Ideas To Bring Out A Smile
Hand drew coffee mug by a child

To make a personalised gift, you can help her make a greeting card. The inside of the card can be filled up with some little drawings, scribbles, handprints or finger painting artwork. Slightly older kids, can use watercolours or oil pastels along with their imagination on cards. Further, under your guidance, kids can use colourful permanent markers on coffee mugs. They can leave a sweet message or draw something cute for daddy dearest. Whatever art they do, dads will anyway be blown away.

Father's Day gifts for 30 to 40-year-old dads

"My dad loves to travel. His work takes him places across the globe. This Father’s Day I have ordered him a travel pouch that will fit all his essentials into it nice and easy", says 13-year-old Neha.
"This year I saved 500 rupees in my piggy bank to get my dad a watch. But the one I wanted to buy costed around 1,500. So, mamma pitched in the rest of the money and we surprised dad with a cool watch", shares 10-year-old Sahil.

Of course! You can also self-gift yourself this father's day!

"Nowadays whenever you need to travel away from home, you need to carry a lot of electronic items with you such as chargers, adapters, power banks, cables and stuff. This is a good, compact bag for carrying these essentials. The material is good, the zip is also good, and it comes with a nice belt to carry the pouch." reviews Arnab Roy.

Unique Father's Day gifts for 40 to 50-year-old dads

Now keep your father's blood pressure levels in check with mini gadgets that can be easily used at home. What better gift than one that helps keep his health in control? There are tons of other health gadgets on Amazon that you can pick for your dad. 

Time to help your dad stay in style! After all age is just a number. Gift him this trimmer and enhance his beard game. The amazing Japanese blade technology that this gadget comes with, gives a neat and safe shave. No more nicks and cuts, and smartness all the way!

Father's Day gifts ideas for 50 to 60-year-old dads

Did you know that continuing to exercise after 50 helps to keep your bones and muscles stronger and lowers your risk of developing heart disease and other adverse health conditions? Now you do! So, start a workout routine with your dad, put on those track pants and shoes, and get moving! A wonderful Father's Day gift from a daughter or son, as it is time to get fit!

Father's Day gifts ideas for 60 to 70-year-old dads

"Ever since daddy entered his 60s, he has come up with his own routine. After finishing up all his responsibilities and duties, his ideal evening routine includes taking a short walk down the street, get back home and relax the evening on his comfortable rocking chair and ease his pain on a foot massager."

These gifts are sure to melt his heart and bring a smile on his face. Celebrate the special men in your lives with these special gifts!

Happy Father's Day!

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