Fashion Tips And Trends For Busy Working Moms In 2018

A working mom has to juggle office and home, and everything in between. So, fashion takes a backseat. But with some planning, busy moms can look good and feel great! Here's how.

By Ashika Kumar  • 7 min read

Fashion Tips And Trends For Busy Working Moms In 2018

“Mummy, I’m thirsty,” one of my daughters cried just as I was just about to put my foot on the accelerator. Leaving my twins in their dad’s care, I ran back three flights of stairs to retrieve the diaper bag that I had forgotten in the first place.

As mothers, we innately know that our brains have changed; ‘everything changes after a baby’ is literal, to an anatomical level. The amygdala in mothers’ brains — a set of neurons that process memory and drive emotional reactions — becomes bigger after birth, sensitising mothers to the needs of their children. With children, home and work taking up most of their time, it is only natural that mothers delegate low priority to fashion. 

“But, it doesn’t have to be that way,” says Bangalore-based fashion consultant, Nisha Vinod. “Giving a little thought to what you wear, picking up something comfortable and making it trendy with your own style inputs, can do wonders to the way you look and feel,” she adds.

This applies to working women too. As HR manager with a top IT company, Judith Xavier’s mornings with her school-going daughter and toddler son are incredibly busy. “I use the weekend to decide what to wear for the next five days,” she says. Spending precious time in the morning on deciding what to wear can be all it takes to leave you stressed for the rest of the day. But it's not just about being fashionable, it's also about appropriate attire. “It’s good to be trendy, but it’s important to keep it comfortable and wear what suits you and, your workplace best,” points out Shobika Somburajan, a Chennai-based freelance fashion designer.

Here are five different looks that working women, mothers in particular, can bank on to make busy mornings breezy.

  1. Monotone trousers and skirts: Monotone trousers and skirts are not just appropriate, but also practical. Pair with linen or cotton formal shirts, or kurtas (in case of trousers), to create an easy and comfortable professional look. Ankle-skimming trousers paired with wedge heels or even flat ballet pumps, look smart and office ready.
  2. Salwar kameez: Perfect for summer, winter and everything in between, the salwar kameez is ideal workplace attire. Whether it’s a kurta, a starched cotton salwar with an elaborate dupatta or a simple silk-cotton kurta, the salwar kameez exudes professionalism. Mix and match plain salwar tops with printed bottoms or go phulkari with a single tone plain salwar kameez and a beautiful, floral dupatta. Add dangling earrings and a dab of bright lipstick — all it takes to effortlessly glide into surprise dinner mode with your husband.
  3. Saris: Once considered the stronghold of our mothers, saris are now making a comeback to the workplace and how! Modern crop tops, converted tees and collared plaid shirts are being swapped for matching blouses, making sari-wearing not just trendy but also incredibly simpler. Pleat the sari in advance and secure with safety pins; lay out the blouse, in-skirt and accessories the previous night. It will be a matter of minutes for you to be dressed and ready for work.
  4. Dresses: Dresses are a thumbs-up option for busy moms. A simple shift dress in monotone paired with a complementing blazer looks sharp and professional. Swapping blazers for simple linen or cotton jackets will make dresses summer-ready too. Pair with contrasting ballet pumps or wedges and you’ve got yourself a stylish and practical office look. Slip off the blazer, add a statement necklace or cocktail ring, dab some shimmering eye shadow and, you’re good to go for that impromptu date with friends.
  5. Palazzos: Palazzos and shararas are making waves today. Airy, wearable and available in colourful prints, they can be paired with short or long kurtis or soft cotton and linen shirts. However, even though most corporate offices have relaxed their dress codes, keep in mind that palazzos are usually worn on business casual days.

While fashion is ever-changing, style is eternal. Create your own singular 'look' and feel great. And carpe diem your weekends to get your mind and wardrobe organised for the ensuing week — we promise, your mornings will never be the same again!

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