Fantastic Beasts – The Crimes Of Grindelwald: Exclusive Movie Review By A Teen

Harry Potter fans rejoice! Here is mesmerising fare. So, dive into a land filled with fantastic creatures, ferocious wizards and familiar characters, in this magical sequel from writer J K Rowling.

By Vanshika Devuni Kalanidhi  • 7 min read

Fantastic Beasts – The Crimes Of Grindelwald: Exclusive Movie Review By A Teen
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Before you read this, let me confess that I am a Harry Potter fan. And like all Potterheads, I’ve read all the books, watched all the movies, and bought merchandise on various occasions. I have a poster in my room too and I also have a Harry Potter Instagram page with over 3,000 followers!

The plot of the movie

I felt that Fantastic Beasts  The Crimes of Grindelwald was a little disappointing. Newt Scamander and Grindelwald were briefly mentioned in the Harry Potter series and this movie series talks of a tale before Harry Potter enters the picture (or rather, the books). It is about the crimes of Grindelwald (duh) and how he gets more allies. The main characters (on both sides of the war) try to find Credence, who tries hard to find out his ancestry. So that, he can change the course of the wizarding war.

The movie follows a very vague plot and there are several scenes where there’s not much going on. The scenes are never-ending and boring at times. It takes a long time to cut the chase and jump into action. The real revelations and plot devices come into play in the second half of the movie. The first half was more to create suspense than anything else. In short, it was the Mockingjay: Part 1 of movies.

I also felt that a lot of actors had little or no role in the movie. Some other characters are superfluous. Sure, Nagini (By the way, everyone pronounced the name wrong!) was beautiful and the snake animations pretty cool. But was her character necessary? No. Most of the characters (other than Newt, Leta, Dumbledore, and Grindelwald) were forgettable. Some (like Jacob), were added just for comedic relief. However, the movie does have its high points.

High points of the movie

Although the plot was lacking, the way the actors play their role made up for it. I enjoyed Eddie Redmayne’s dorky portrayal of Newt. Jude Law excels in Dumbledore's role and played it as well as Richard Harris and Micheal Gambon before him (or is it after him? They do play a much older Dumbledore). He portrays him with all the charm and finesse I’ve come to associate with Dumbledore. I also loved those throwaway lines about his relationship with Grindelwald, for some reason. Zoë Kravitz went all out with her portrayal of Leta Lestrange and left me wanting more.

Johnny Depp really lives his character as Grindelwald. His subdued performance in this movie is quite the opposite of his role in the Pirates of The Caribbean, but it is still fascinating. I’m glad he’s the kind of villain who uses strategy and manipulation rather than being an evil maniac who twirls his moustache and has a creepy laugh.

Spoiler alert

There will be spoilers in this paragraph: I found the romantic plot between Tina and Newt to be the most adorable thing ever. They both really love each other, and they’re practically soul mates! I love how Eddie Redmayne stumbles through his ‘confession’ and I love how Tina kind of knew what he was going to say. I find it amusing that he says that her eyes remind him of a salamander!

No more spoilers ahead

The special effects of the movie were amazing and have come a long way since the Deathly Hallows. All the beasts in this movie were extremely life-like, and the fight scenes very well-animated. I loved the scenes toward the end with the red versus blue colour scheme, and found the production quality of all the animations spectacular.

Final verdict

Although the movie is slow, the final scenes and revelations were worth the ticket. All in all, as a Potterhead, I enjoyed it. Was it as good as the first one? No, but will I still watch the next movie? Yes! This is a must-watch for Harry Potter fans as it follows a fascinating time before Harry or Voldemort. I look forward to the next movie. Although, I’ll have to wait a while before that releases!

Best lines from the movie:

  • "There are no strange creatures. Only blinkered people." Newt tells this to Leta and it is all about having the right perspective.
  • "You've never met a monster you haven't loved."
  • "What is your greatest fear?" "Having to work in an office, sir!"
  • "He only knows where you are from, not who you are."
  • "Oh, we were closer than brothers."

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