Family Holidays Without Visa Hassles

Postponing the idea of an amazing foreign family vacation because of stringent visa procedures?Worry no more. Here are some great countries that provide 'Visa on Arrival' for Indians

By Poongkodi Jose

The very thought of exploring a completely new land, learning about new cultures, trying out different foods and attempting to learn and speak a foreign language is so much fun! But, it is never easy as all of this comes with a plenty of planning and preparations, the most important and tedious of them being the stamp of approval on your passports. Let’s face it, none of us enjoy the long queues, endless documentation, verifications and approvals. You end up wondering if you are paying for the holiday or the stress that comes with it. Here comes the good news though. You can skip all of this and still have fun. After all, there are a good 52 countries that provide ‘Visa on Arrival’ facility for Indians. We’ve picked seven exotic ones for you and your family to enjoy a memorable 2018.

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