Eye care tips for children

Not sure how to take care of your little one's eyes? Here's an article to help you.

By Dr Bina John  • 5 min read

Eye care tips for children

Common eye problems in children include myopia or short sight where the child does not see distant objects clearly, and hyperopia or long sight where the child cannot see nearby objects clearly. Both short and long sight require correction with glasses.

Some tips to protect your child's eyes:

  • Encourage them to wear glasses: Children who need to wear glasses should be encouraged to wear them.
  • Pick the frames: Plastic frames and impact-resistant lenses are best for children.
  • Do regular check-ups: Children with a family history of eye problems should get their eyes checked at an early age with yearly follow-ups.
  • Make time for outdoor play: Outdoor activities should be encouraged.
  • Exercise the eyes: Take time to have an eye exercise for your child everyday. 
  • Restrict screen-time: Restrict computer games and TV-watching.
  • Read right: While reading, books should be kept at a distance of at least 25 cm from the eye with light falling on the book from behind.
  • Rule out serious eye problems: Squinting is not a sign of good luck. A child with a squint should be seen by an eye doctor to rule out serious eye problems.
  • Avoid sharp toys: Children should avoid playing with toys that have sharp and pointed ends.
  • Ensure healthy diet: Diet should include red and green vegetables like spinach, carrots and beetroot; milk products; yellow fruits like papaya and mango; and fish for non-vegetarians.
  • Use protective eye-wear: Protective eye-wear needs to be used in contact sports; sunglasses should be used when going out in the hot sun; goggles must be used while swimming.

Taking care of your child's eyes might not feel as important as his diet, but eyes are an important part of your child's health and they should be given at most importance. 

Invest some time in research about what are the best foods to improve your child's vision and things to know about healthy eyes for your child. With these tips for eye-care, you can ensure that your child has healthy vision. In case of your child is suffering from eye-related ailments, check out some effect eye care home remedies for him. 

Expert inputs from Dr Bina John is the chief medical officer and senior paediatric ophthalmologist at Rajan Eye Care, Chennai.

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