Exclusive: Why Mary Kom Is A Great Mother Too

Her never-say-die attitude strikes a chord with sportspersons and mothers alike. On Mother’s Day, this mom of three and sporting legend tells us how everything is possible with grit and perseverance

By Team ParentCircle

Exclusive: Why Mary Kom Is A Great Mother Too

When it comes to pushing boundaries and raising the bar for sportspersons, you cannot beat five-time world amateur boxing champion Mary Kom. An inspiration to children all over India and a guiding light for youngsters who want to take up boxing, this gritty woman has shown that no hardship or problem is insurmountable. And, when everyone thought that her sporting career was over after she had three children, the boxing star came back to the ring with renewed energy.

Recently, she again made headlines by winning the boxing gold at the Commonwealth Games. An encouraging mom to her kids, Mary says she can balance work and home by being quick in her decisions, just as she is in the boxing ring. ParentCircle had an exclusive chat with the champion on Mother’s Day.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q. Recently you won gold in the Commonwealth Games. How do you keep going strong? What is your secret?

A. My determination to win and focus on training with perseverance. I train regularly no matter what, unless there are unavoidable circumstances. And of course, it is a blessing from above, that has enabled me to strive this far.

Q. What are the challenges that you faced in your growing up years?

A. Now, most of the people have come to know my background, how life was once. I came across several challenges at all stages of my life. As a fun and sports- loving little girl, I was always ignored and belittled by my male friends in my native village during games time. But I never gave up, rather, tried to overthrow them. As a little girl, I wanted to be free and wanted to have almost all that my friends had or wore, but that did not happen. Being the eldest of three children, I would most of the time be occupied helping my parents in their efforts to provide for everyone at home. Initially, I was not bad in my studies but due to the pressures at home and needs of the family, and later because of my concentration on sports, things changed. But, now I believe they were all for the good and the better.

Q. What is your mantra to balance work and family?

A. Just like the boxing ring, I am swift and quick in my decision and action in my daily life too. This enables me to accomplish several tasks. Being on time (and waking up early), help me tackle my various responsibilities.

Q. Are your children interested in sports? And how do you encourage their interests?

A. They are crazy about football. It is always football for them in their free time. They have achieved quite a lot in sports in their school, even beyond football. I support them in every possible way. I bring them sports kits whenever I travel abroad.

Q. How do you and your husband spend quality time with your children?

A. We hardly have time to go out for dinner and holidays outside. The little time that we have together, we laugh together and sometimes we let our children perform what they have learnt in school.

Q. What are the values that you instil in your children?

A. I want them to be good human beings and be compassionate.

Q. What is yours and your husband’s parenting approach?

A. Our approaches are a little bit different. My husband is soft by nature, so is his approach to everyone including our kids. He corrects them with ease and softly. In my case, I do not compromise easily, even with my kids. I let them know for sure that they should not repeat the mistake they have made. Meanwhile, I appreciate them for all their accomplishments.

Q. What is the way ahead for you?

A. If all is well with me and my health, and if it God’s will, I will keep training and compete in the upcoming competitions.

Q. What is your advice to kids who are inspired by you and want to take up boxing? What is the fitness and health routine they should follow?

A. Today, boxing and other games are not just sports. They have become some of the best career options for youngsters. It is not easy to excel, so give your best efforts and be determined. Do not be distracted by anything on the way. Fitness routine will vary for different individuals, situation and location. What is required the most is, being consistent and regular, and strictly maintaining fitness.

Q. What would be your message to our readers on this Mother’s Day?

Never let your mother regret for being a MOTHER. Be a reason for her to smile.

Exclusive: Why Mary Kom Is A Great Mother Too

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