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Effective Learning Through Colour Coding

Colours, colours, colours everywhere. But why should textbooks and notebooks be boring? Time to make learning a colourful experience by unleashing the power of colour coding. Read on to know more.

By Deepika Mohan

Akash and his mother spend their Saturday evenings playing a fun game – a game that doesn’t involve gadgets. It’s a game of association. During one of those fun sessions, Vani, Akash’s mother says, “I see blue. Now that’s your clue.” 12-year-old Akash starts recollecting everything that’s blue in colour. “… the sky, our sofa cushions, a shirt I wore for my first marathon, the table mats at grandma’s house and (a+b) ^2 formula because I remember writing that in blue in my notebook,” he replies. And the list continues. Remarkable, isn’t it?

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