Does Your Child Need Braces?

If your child has crooked teeth or a jaw-and-teeth-size discrepancy, she may need braces. A renowned paediatric dentist and an orthodontist answer your FAQs.

By Team ParentCircle

Anjali is worried about her eleven-year-old son’s crooked teeth. Her friends tell her that some of her son’s teeth may need to be removed, before it can be corrected using braces. Her son wants to be left alone though. Anjali is confused. Should she wait for some time? Can she avoid getting his teeth pulled out? Questions abound. Anjali is not alone. There are scores of parents out there who are eager to figure out ways to correct dental discrepancies in their children early. To help you understand this better and to answer your questions related to braces, we have a paediatric dentist and an orthodontist joining us today. Let’s hear from Dr Dinesh Francis Swamy and Dr Shivanand.

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