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Does Your Child Eat Only While Watching TV?

In our Parent-Expert series this month, we look at an issue that is very common in every Indian household ­– children watching TV while eating. How can you help your child break this habit? Find out.

By Team ParentCircle

Amma, I will eat my dinner only if you switch on Chhota Bheem. Sounds familiar? This kind of a statement probably rings in your ear almost every day. In most households, young children eat their food only when they are ‘allowed’ to sit in front of a TV, watching their favourite cartoons. What’s worse is that parents are relieved that the ‘idiot box’ achieves what the food box with its fanciful presentation can’t. Well, let’s listen to the TV-food tales and travails from some parents and learn from our expert on how to better handle such issues.

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