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Do You Panic When Your Child Has Fever?

Your child is down with fever. You’ve done everything you can, from syrups to sponges, and yet you can’t stop panicking! Yes, fever is ‘hot’ but you need to ‘chill’. Find out why from a paediatrician.

By Dr. Rajath Athreya

Here are three ‘regular’ situations most of us paediatricians are subject to: Situation 1: “Doctor, my two-year-old has a fever of 102, I have given him syrups, sponged him down and rushed him in here as soon as I could.” Situation 2:“My son had thrown a febrile fit four months ago; so, whenever he gets fever, I keep him on regular medicines as I am very scared.” Situation 3:“This is the third time in as many months my little girl has come back from school with temperature. She is regularly down with flu and fever. Is there something wrong with her?” Most parents would relate to one of the three situations above. Fever in their child gets many a parent worked up. But, most often, it is the panic in the parent rather than the fever in the child that needs to be brought down!

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