Do These Checks; Keep Your One-Year-Old Safe

Have a 1-year-old at home? Then carefully inspect your surroundings to ensure they are safe for him. Here are some safety checks for you.

By Ram Shankar

Do These Checks; Keep Your One-Year-Old Safe

Around and after her first birthday, you toddler starts to experiment a lot with moving around. She is thrilled about her newly-developed capabilities and loves to test them. As a parent, you need to give her enough room to explore her surroundings. At the same time, you have to ensure she is safe. Here are some safety checks that you need to have in place when you have a 1-year-old at home.

Bed/Crib Safety

  • If your toddler sleeps in a crib, ensure that there is nothing that he can use to try and get out of the crib.
  • Keep the crib away from electrical appliances or wires.
  • If your toddler can easily climb out of his crib, it is time to move him to a low bed.

Playtime safety

  • Always use age-appropriate toys.
  • Do not give her toys with sharp edges.
  • Do not give her toys with small parts, which she may choke on or swallow.
  • Toddlers tend to put toys into their mouths. So it is better to avoid toys made of fur or painted with toxic colours.

Home safety

  • Children are likely to put their fingers into electrical sockets. Cover all plug points that are within your toddler’s reach with plastic caps.
  • Install circuit breakers to prevent an electrical accident at home.
  • Do not keep any sharp objects within his reach.
  • Do not work in the kitchen while carrying your toddler.

Vehicle safety

  • Invest in a good quality safety seat for your toddler.
  • Always strap the child seat to the back seat of the car.
  • Ensure that your toddler is secured with the safety belt in her seat.
  • Don’t keep any rolling object on the rear tray of your car. The object may roll and fall on her.
  • Never leave your toddler alone in the car or sitting on a bike.
  • Be very cautious when you ride your two-wheeler with your toddler sitting on the petrol tank. She could fall asleep or lose her balance. It is best to avoid such rides.

Outdoor safety

  • Hold on to your toddler in busy streets, shopping malls, driveways and parking lots.
  • While backing out of garages and parking lots, ensure that he is not down the driveway or in the path of the car.
  • Take extra care when playing with your toddler near water bodies such as beaches, swimming pools and water theme parks. Don’t leave your child unattended in water even for a second.

Carrying out these checks will leave you feeling a lot easier in the mind and you won’t have to worry incessantly about your toddler’s safety.