Diy Tips To Organise Your Child's Room

Fed up with the constant mess in your child’s room? Do not worry. Here are simple ways to get your child to clean up his room while also having fun.

By Ranjini Rao

Anu was preparing an evening snack in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. She yelled out to her eight-year-old son who was playing in his room, “Vikram, come drink your milk.” There was no response. So, she stomped up to his room and opened the door. As she walked in, she stepped on a toy car lying on the floor, slipped and landed on the ground with a thud. Luckily, she did not get hurt. As she sat down on the floor, she could see little cars, Lego pieces, crayons and papers lying all over the room. Her only thought was, ‘Oh no, not again! I just don't have the energy to clean this room again’.

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