Discovering The Passion In Me

Hey mom, are you longing to rediscover ‘yourself’ by doing what you love, while also taking care of your loved ones? Our International Women’s Day special cover story is your dose of inspiration.

By Sindhu Sivalingam

Working mother or home maker, as a mother, most of the time you become your last priority, unless you mindfully put ‘you’ up in the front. Think back, think about the girl who loved herself more than anything else; the girl who used to not step out without painting her nails; the one who would make sure she spends her weekends volunteering in the animal shelter because it gave her fulfilment; and the one who would wake up singing, or who loved to eat hot samosas; or at least the one who loved watching the rain – not worrying about the clothes on the rail. We got you thinking, right?

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