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Digital Apps To Boost Your Child’s Critical Thinking

Looking for ways to boost the critical thinking abilities of your child? Go no further than these super apps for six to nine-year-olds, recommended by a renowned educator.

By Indhu Rebecca

Thirty-five-year-old ‘quiet’ Meera was at her explosive best one day when she noticed her eight-year-old daughter Snigdha immersed in a smartphone. “Keep that phone away! You are going to get sucked into that screen now,” yelled Meera. Does this remind you of your own conversations with your child? Though phones and tablets are seen by many parents as a source of irritation, the zillion apps they come with are actually changing the way our children are exploring the world. Research suggests that when a primary schooler works with useful apps, he is likely to pick up several skills that will help him solve problems, draw inferences, make predictions, reason better and validate choices. All these are elements related to ‘critical and independent thinking’.

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