Dental Care For Infants

We all enjoy that cute smile of our infants, but do we care for their tender teeth? This article tells you why it is critical to start early when it comes to oral hygiene.

By Divya Sainathan

“It’s almost bedtime. I carry my 11-month-old son to the washroom, giving him the nightly pep talk on the benefits of oral hygiene. But the moment I take the brush towards his mouth, V begins wriggling loose like a mouse stuck in a hole. I call out to my husband for help. While he holds down V, I place one hand on V’s chin and try to get the toothbrush to his four precious teeth. But V slams his mouth shut and no amount of coaxing can get that little mouth to open. Fifteen minutes later, we are all in bed, sweaty and tired. Only the infant has accomplished his goal, having successfully resisted the toothbrush for one more night," recounts Celine.

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