Dance Your Way To A Healthy Life

Indian classical dance is about a beautiful synchronisation of music, expression and rhythm. It is also a wonderful pathway to a healthy mind, body and soul. Find out why you should enroll your child

By Kalyani Krishna

Pragnya Jayanti, a class X student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Chennai, regularly participates in various dance programmes in her school. Among the tallest girls in her class, this 16-year-old Kuchipudi dancer believes in balancing her studies and her passion for dance. This wasn’t the story about eight years ago. During her primary school days, Pragnya (who wasn’t into dance then) was bullied for being chubby and short. To counter this, she took to classical dancing, and her journey of transformation into a healthy and happy child began. Her mother, Kalpana Jayanti, is a Kuchipudi dancer herself. Having watched her mother teach dance to several little girls like her, Pragnya took to the traditional dance instinctively.

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