Dads Need Support Too!

New-age dads are not just hands-on. They are also very involved in several aspects of parenting. Do they face challenges, being the dads they are? We find out in our Parent-Expert series this month.

By Team ParentCircle

For years now, we have been subscribing to the social and cultural definitions of a father’s role in a family. From being a mere bread winner a few decades ago, to becoming an involved parent, the transformation of a ‘dad’ has come a long way. So, what happens when a dad chooses to go a step further and break away from the traditional role of fatherhood, and give it a whole new meaning for himself and his family? Let’s find out from super dads followed by expert opinion from our very own Arundhati Swamy, Counselor and Head, Parent Engagement Programme, ParentCircle!

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