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Inspiring Others Makes My Life Meaningful,inspiring people,motivating speech,Parenting,Preethi Srinivasan,founder of Soulfree,fighter of spinal cord injury,Preethi,Srinivasan,founder,Soulfree,fighter,spinal cord injury,spinal cord,injury,spinal,cord,Akshaya Ganesh,Akshaya,Ganesh
Inspiring Others Makes My Life Meaningful

An exclusive interview with Ms Preethi Srinivasan, founder of Soulfree, and a fighter of spinal cord injury, on the role her parents played in shaping her life

Akshaya Ganesh
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Step’ping up to a blended family

Being a step-parent has its share of trials and tribulations. However, a family is bound not by blood, but by love. This article explores the makings of a he...

Malini Gopalakrishnan