Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

Running out of ideas to keep your kids engaged during the winter holidays? Worry no more! Here are some interesting games with a touch of Christmas to turn boring days more festive!

By Kerina De Floras

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

Katy loved everything about Christmas – the Christmas tree, the decorations that dad put up at home, the fairy lights, the sumptuous Christmas dinner, the carols and hot chocolate. Christmas was also the time when she didn’t have to go to school and could play all day. She would have fun playing with her friends, reading a book or doing a fun activity, but would also sometimes run out of things to do. So her mom handed her a book of Christmas games that she used to play from, as a kid with her family. And so, Katy chose a couple of fun games from the book and the family had a great time playing together!

Christmas is indeed a favourite time of the year for kids and adults alike. Holiday mood is in the air and some days you just need a break from taking the kids out on parties, play dates and parks. We know you’ve been using all the tricks up your sleeve to keep the kids busy and out of trouble during the winter break. 

So, we took a few pages out of Katy’s book to help you keep the spirit of the season alive in the family… 

1. Snowman – Stack and hit:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

Do you wanna build a snowman? All you need for this game are some paper cups, colour papers and crayons or sketch pens. Get your kids to paint the paper cups white and let them decorate them like snowmen. Stack them vertically like a tapering tower and hit them with rolled-up white socks (pretend they are snowballs). You can also turn this into a bowling game by using tissue boxes to make bigger snowmen. 

2. Christmas Charades:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

In this classic game of dumb charades, add a Christmas twist by guessing objects, movies and carols associated with Christmas. Split into two teams and try to guess the common Christmas phrases. You can write down candy canes, jingle bells, Hark the Herald, Santa’s sleigh, Home Alone movie and more. Also add a special gift for the team that wins. 

3. Santa Limbo:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

This is a great game for both adults and kids. Set up two poles wide apart in the room and fix a limbo stick at a starting height (about 3 feet or so). Ask participants to stuff a pillow under their shirts to make it look like a Santa belly and ask them to walk under the limbo stick, without touching it. Slightly lower the stick after everyone has tried once and keep lowering till there is one winner. Fits of laughter guaranteed!  

4. Christmas Memory Game:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

Print two each of eight Christmas images like Christmas tree, Santa’s hat, elves, mistletoe, etc. and place them on a table, face down. Ask your kids to pick one and remember what card they picked. They must then try to find a match, within 30 seconds. Play until a predetermined score is reached by someone. 

5. Draw a Christmas tree – no peeking:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

Line up the players and hand them a paper plate and sketch pen. Ask them to hold the paper plate on their heads and try to draw a Christmas tree atop it. Keep a timer and see who drew the picture close enough! The kids will love the scribbles and have fun talking about what the drawings turned out to be like!  

6. Place the nose on Rudolph:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

Stick a picture of the famous red-nosed reindeer, Rudolph on a wall. Roll up red socks or cotton balls and try pinning the nose exactly at the right spot on Rudolph’s face. An interesting twist – you will need to do this blindfolded! Direct the players or confuse them to have a hilarious afternoon as they try to pin it all over the wall! 

7. Scavenger Hunt:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

Make a list of ‘Christmas’ things around the house during Christmas and write them on cards. Split into teams of two or three or go solo, trying to find all the objects on the cards assigned to you. Make sure you award the team who find everything on their list with candies or cakes!

8. Guess what’s in Santa’s hat:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

Fill up a large Santa hat with Christmas objects or small gifts. Tie the mouth and pass it around to the players. Let them feel the hat from the outside and guess the objects. At the end of a round, hand out the objects each person guessed right, as a little Christmas present!

9. Ring the Reindeer antlers:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

Get a reindeer headband and put it on one of the players. The other players must line up to throw rings onto the antlers. Each person gets three chances to throw and the person who manages to get three rings onto the antlers wins! Take turns to be the reindeer for more fun!

10. Who am I – Christmas version:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

For this fun take on a classic game, print 32 cards with Christmas or holiday characters that your kids know and adore. They can be Elsa, Anna, or Olaf from Frozen, Grinch, Santa Claus, an angel, Gingerbread man, elves or one of Santa’s reindeer. To play the game, sit in a circle and make each player wear an elastic band around their head. Each player has to pick a card without seeing it and tuck into the elastic band so everyone can now see each other’s cards, except theirs. Take turns to ask the other players, questions about the character on your card and try to guess before anyone else!

11. Find Santa’s helpers:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

Hide ‘elf’ toys around the house and ask your kids to find them under a minute! The player who gets the maximum number of elves will get a cookie and a present. Keep the playing area within one or two rooms to avoid a mess! 

12. Jingle Bell Toss:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

Take small paper cups and colour them red or green. Let your kids help you with this. After the paint dries, stick 10 to 12 cups, base down on two cardboard sheets or canvas. Make two such boards and place them on the floor, directly across each other, and several feet away. Get a few jingle bells from your Christmas ornaments and take turns to throw them into the cups on the other side! Prop the cardboard at an angle if you want to increase the level of difficulty.   

13. Naughty or Nice:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

Take two bowls and place them on stands on one side of the room, a good distance away from each other – one reading ‘Nice’ and the other ‘Naughty’. Keep an assortment of red and green balls in another bowl across the room. Kids can take turns to put the red balls in the Naughty bowl and green ones in the Nice bowl, one at time, by picking them up in their mouth. The player who does this in the shortest time wins!

14. A to Z of Christmas:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

This game works great for a group! Gather the whole family and give them a task – they need to collect objects around the house related to Christmas, for every letter of the alphabet! For example, they can bring an angel toy for A, bells for B, candy canes for C and so on. They can split into teams as well to collect the most objects in time!   

15. Storytelling:

Indoor Games With A Christmas Twist

You can never go wrong with this! Gather the kids and start by asking what story they like. Pick a story and start with the first line. Each kid must continue the next line, after repeating the first line. This goes on till the last kid completes the whole story! This will make the kids gather around the Christmas tree for a fun story-filled afternoon!

So, put on your game face and rock the Christmas season with these games, which will bring your family closer! It’s time to up your game! No more boring holidays for your kids this winter, so get started with your favourite game today! Merry Christmas to you all! 

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About the author:

Written by Kerina De Floras on 16 December 2019. 

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