Children's Day Wishes From Parents: How To Surprise Your Child

Children’s Day wishes from parents will certainly be something that every child will cherish. And, if the wishes are conveyed with an element of surprise and fun, they will be all the more special!

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Children's Day Wishes From Parents: How To Surprise Your Child
“I may not have time for adults, but I have enough time for children,” – Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

No wonder that 14 November, the birthday of our first Prime Minister, who was fondly called “Chacha Nehru” by children, is celebrated as Children’s Day in India. And, this special day for children is observed on 20 November by the United Nations all over the world. So, with Children’s Day around the corner, have you decided how to make it a memorable one for your child? Well, the best way would be to wish her on her day in a very special way. For, any child would certainly cherish the Children’s Day wishes from her parents. And, in wishing your child this year, why don’t you do it in style and spring a surprise on her? Here we go with some interesting and innovative ways in which to wish your child on her special day. Remember, Children’s Day wishes and messages from parents can make the day ‘super’ special for any child.

Children’s Day wishes from parents

Here are sweet 16 ways to surprise your child on ‘her’ day:

1. Hide your message in your child’s handkerchief or towel. When he opens it, he’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.

2. Order a cake for your child with your personalised message written on it (you can even bake one if you can). Nothing like a wish that’s literally icing on the cake!

3. Write your wish on a paper plate and cover his breakfast with the plate. When he uncovers his breakfast, he will read the message and you can see his face light up.

4. Write your wishes on a piece of paper and slip it into your child’s pencil box. When your child reaches out for his pencil or eraser, your wish will pop out.

5. Send your special message to your child’s class teacher and request him/her to deliver the message to your child when the class begins. Wouldn’t that be a special moment for your little one?

6. If your child is a teen and is on a social media platform, you can send a message to her account. You can even get it specially designed and send it as e-greetings.

7. Get your child’s favourite gift delivered to him with your message written on the gift card.

8. How about putting up a poster with your wish on it on the closed door of your child’s bedroom which he would see when he opens the door to come out?

9. If your child loves to listen to songs on FM radio, you can call his favourite radio station to play out your message for him, along with his favourite song.

10. Nothing like saying it with flowers. Get a bouquet delivered to your child with your wish written on the card.

11. How about a rangoli with your special wish for your dear little one?

12. You can even go for the good old way of writing your message on a post-it and putting it up on the door of the fridge or the bathroom cabinet.

13. Another surprise would be to write out your wish using fabric paint on a curtain and tie it up using a sash. You can ask your child to untie the sash and open the curtain. Voila! Your wish will unfold!

14. Gifting a mug with your message printed on it can be another way of conveying your wish to your child on her special day.

15. For an older child, you can even write a letter to her conveying your wishes and post it to her (of course, you’ll need to depend on good old ‘snail-mail’ to deliver it to her on her special day!). Or you can leave it on her favourite couch. Make sure her name is written boldly on the cover so that your child opens it.

16. “I love you” notes hidden in various places around the house can set her off on a treasure hunt. And, wouldn’t that be the best message for your little one?

Children’s Day wishes from parents are bound to bring immense joy and a smile to the love of our lives – right from tiny tots to teens. So, go ahead and make this Children’s Day truly special for your little ones. 

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Written by Team ParentCircle on 10 November 2020.

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