Children's Day Special: Jazz Up Your Child's Room

Want to make Children's Day super special for your child? How about looking up some delightful decor ideas so that you can transform her room from ordinary to well, extraordinary!

By Kannalmozhi Kabilan

Children's Day Special: Jazz Up Your Child's Room

You've already whipped up delicious eats for your child to celebrate the day. Now, how about looking up some decor delights? After all, a makeover of your child's room will be a fantastic way to surprise her, this Children's Day. 

With an unlimited colour palette and a plethora of furnishing options, available at the click of a mouse, interior décor is no longer a guessing game. So, if you want to re-design your child's room, there are options galore. Of course, we understand, you're plagued with doubts already: 'What colour do I pick?' 'Is the bed too small?' 'How much is too much?' 'Box up the balcony or leave it open?' Welcome to a world of enormous decisions and sleepless nights. 

Well, here’s help. These ten elements on your checklist are all you need while designing your child’s living space.

1. Colour me fun

Children's Day Special: Jazz Up Your Child's Room

First things first — the right colour. It does not mean you pick blue for your boy and pink for your girl. The colour of the walls also affects how spacious the room appears to be and how well it can disperse light. Make sure your child likes the colour. Wallpaper is a good alternative to consider. It gives more room for you to experiment and is easy to change frequently. Talking about options, Pavithra Ravichandran, architect and independent consultant says, “Scribble paints made by well-known brands are also available in the market. These give the children the freedom to scribble as much as they wish on the wall, leaving the parents carefree. It just takes a wipe to get rid of the scribbling. Alternatively, chalkboard paint can also be used for the same purpose.”

2. Floored

Experiment as much as you want with the floors. But make sure your child is comfortable with your choice. Carpets, wood panels, an endless array of tiling options — there’s a lot to choose from. Carpets are a great way to bring in cosiness and luxury to the room. For younger children, there’s the added benefit of cushioned falls. Wooden floors make for an elegant, comfortable set up. Tiles let you continue the theme of the room.

3. Leave a light on

According to Ravichandran, parents should try to bring in as much natural light and ventilation as possible. Don’t go for the single-bright-light deal. Customise light fixtures in different areas of the room based on its purpose — a good white light for the work desk, mellow yellow at the bedside, a shaded lamp by the couch and a night light for snooze time.

4. Bed and beyond

Children's Day Special: Jazz Up Your Child's Room

Four posters, canopy, convertible and bunk beds. There’s no dearth of choice when it comes to selecting the right bed for your child. Invest in a quality piece of furniture that’s bound to last through the years rather than a cheap knock-off/assembly piece. Make sure all furniture in the room is child-friendly — no sharp corners, firmly grounded, chemical-free.

5. Bathroom basics

Thumb rule: all essentials should be easily accessible. Make sure the cupboards, counters and basin are placed in a way that’s convenient for the child and accessible. Make sure the flooring is safe and non-slippery. Accessorise the bathroom with funky yet safe tiles, creative fixtures and themed fittings to make it more fun.

6. Work essentials

Efficiency is the key here. Keep the work corner simple, uncluttered and easy to manoeuvre. Naturally, increase the workspace as the child gets older. Make sure it meets your child’s work requirements. His workstation should have the provision for his hobbies. Make space for his musical instruments or sports equipment.

7. No play?

Build in a lounging zone in the room. For younger children, a playpen would be the ideal deal. Older children can indulge in a TV or game console. A comfortable couch always works. Pavithra Ravichandran says, “Levels in rooms are a major attraction for children. If height permits, go in for a mezzanine level in the children's room, which can act as a play or study area. This will create zones with variation in the same room.”

8. Be wise, personalise

Your child’s room doubles up as her own personal haven. So, let it be an extension of her personality. If your child loves to read, put more thought into building her a reading nook. If she likes open spaces, think floor-to-ceiling windows or a spacious balcony. Add accessories that reflect her interests and passions – Harry Potter-themed blankets, Yin-Yang styled work corners and more. Ravichandran adds, “A display area is a must. It can be in the form of pin up or magnet boards or strings with clips. These make the room more lively and personalised.”

9. Storage solutions

Maximise storage space to avoid clutter. “Use the space below the bed to stow away rarely used things. Build bookshelves in the space behind doors or under staircases,” suggests Ravichandran. Again, make things easily accessible for the child. Invest in a good closet with enough hanging space and built-in shelves. Baskets and cartons around the room for everyday things will come in handy too, making the place more tidy and organised.

10. Safety measures

As with everything else associated with children, childproofing the room has to be top priority. Every material in the room should be something that the child doesn’t need parental guidance to use. That’s the first step in keeping the room safe. Use eco-friendly paints that are low on VOC (volatile organic compound), pick natural linen or cotton materials for throws and blankets, avoid vinyl shades. If there’s a balcony in the room, make sure the enclosure is of the appropriate height. Mezzanine levels are tricky to monitor for safety; hence, be extra careful when you plan one in your child's room. 

This Children's Day, what could be better than gifting your child a re-designed and good-looking room? So, go ahead, use these ideas to transform his room from boring to utterly magical!

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