Checklist For A Safe Diwali

With firecrackers and diyas all around, children and pets often ‘run’ into risky situations during Diwali. How can you ensure their safety without compromising on fun? Find out.

By Subhechha Chatterjee

When I was eight, I wanted to wear a beautiful georgette dress for Diwali, but my mother insisted I wear a cotton dress. I was dejected. But one hour into the Diwali celebrations, I witnessed a mishap that is vividly etched in my mind to date. One of our neighbours was lighting a lamp in her garden when a rocket suddenly came from nowhere and burnt her synthetic saree. Even before she realised what was happening, her lower body was badly burnt. She was rushed to the hospital with second-degree burns and it took her over nine months to recover. Even today, she walks with a limp. Following the incident that night, my mother reasoned with me why she was so adamant about the type of clothing we wore for the festival of lights and how it is a safety measure that must not be ignored. It changed my thought process.

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