Chandrayaan 2 Live: Latest News And Updates Of India's Moon Mission

It’s history in the making! As Chandrayaan 2 is set for a successful landing on the moon, we bring you quotes from experts, historic interviews, exciting tweets and interesting facts of the mission.

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03:30 a.m. - It began as a long night and we will definitely wake up to a beautiful morning when the sun rises again. Moon is only 2.1 kilometres away, isn't it? There are two ways to look at this - 1. So near yet so far, 2. 3.84 lakh done and only 2.1 km to go. When you look at the latter, life is indeed going to be filled with HOPE and inspiration. Chandrayaan-2 inspired a complete generation and that will remain the most incredible feat of this glorious mission. On that positive note, we conclude our Live and Exclusive Coverage. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Do, sign up to be a part of more such Live and exclusive updates, expert articles, discussions, videos and a whole lot more. If you are a parent, you've got to be on And yes, remember to love your child to the 'moon' and back. Till we meet again.

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03:10 a.m. - Spokesperson at the ISRO Headquarters in Bangalore makes the following statement "Vikram lander descent was as planned and normal performance was observed up to an altitude of 2.1 km. Subsequently, communication from lander to ground stations was lost. Data is being analyses. The planned press conference in the morning with Chairman, K Sivan has been cancelled."

03:00 a.m. - ISRO tweets:

02:55 a.m. - ISRO officials have asked media entities to hold back from making any conclusions for another 15 mins by which time they expect to come with information from the ongoing data analysis. They maintain this could just be a temporary communications failure. So, fingers crossed. HOPE remains.

02:50 a.m. - Jerry M Linenger, former NASA astronaut and space expert, who is currently in India to analyse the event for a television channel, beautifully summed up the feat. According to Linenger, this still is an incredible feat to reach so close to the south pole of the moon. He adds that this is how the whole world of space scientists and countries learn and work together. 

02:40 a.m. - ISRO's data analysis team at ISTRAC in Peenya, on the outskirts of Bangalore have been analysing the data for the last 30 mins to understand why communication has been lost after the soft-landing procedure went as planned. Not all is lost, according to experts.

02:35 a.m. - PM Modi tweets an encouraging message to the ISRO team! Yes, India is proud of you!

02:25 a.m.- Prime Minister Modi addresses the media. He pats ISRO chairman and other scientists and asks them all to be courageous. He adds "India is proud of ISRO"!

02:20 a.m. - "Chandrayaan's journey was on the track up until 2.1 kilometres, and then we lost all communication. Data is being analysed," says K Sivan, ISRO chief.

02:15 a.m. - Did Chandrayaan 2 make it or not?

02:00 a.m. - The suspense is mounting! There is intense suspense in the Control Centre at ISRO as flight data is being analysed before any official announcement...

01: 50 a.m. – With just about 5 minutes to go, PM Narendra Modi along with India, prepares to witness HISTORY unfold!

01: 45 a.m. – Celebrity Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson welcomes India to the community of Moon-faring nations! 

01: 40 a.m. – ISRO produced an incredible 3D animation of the entire Chandrayaan-2 mission. From launch to soft land – this is Chandrayaan 2's journey! Another few minutes to go for the soft land. India is holding its breath!

01: 35 a.m.  15 minutes of terror is here! The clock is ticking and we are closing in. The last few 'nail biting' minutes are finally here. Heard of the 15 minutes of terror? Well, it is the crucial last 15 minutes of Chandrayaan 2's journey before touchdown on the moon. ISRO Chairman, K Sivan has described this last landing as ‘15-minutes of terror’, because these minutes are extremely critical for a successful land on the lunar surface. During this time, ISRO will control and try to soft land the Vikram lander with some complex manoeuvres. All the best ISRO!

01:25 a.m. – ParentCircle could not have asked for more! ISRO chief Dr K Sivan gave the following quote to the press. He actually compared Chandrayaan 2 to that of a newborn baby. Now, every parent can relate to that!

Here is what he said:

"It is like suddenly somebody comes and gives you a newborn baby in your hands. Will you be able to hold without proper support? The baby will move this way that way but we should hold it. It like that, the lander will go this way or that but at the same time it has to be brought just like a baby." 

01:20 a.m. – At the ISRO Control Tower, the excited looks on the faces of the young children is a sight to behold. One can be sure that they are aspiring to become an astronaut someday. It is not that difficult. All it requires is hard work, dedication and yes, passion to combine science with heart. Our team here at ParentCircle has come up with an interesting article that tells you how one can become an astronaut. Got you thinking? Read on!

01:10 a.m. Live Update: Ahead of Chandrayaan 2’s history-making date with the moon, ISRO has released a detailed timeline. According to this timeline, Chandrayaan 2 will beam the first image of the lunar surface back to earth at approximately 1:52 a.m. on 7 September. Following this, the Vikram lander will touch down on the moon a minute later at 1:53 a.m.

01:00 a.m. – And on that note, the clock unwaveringly moves to 1 am. We’re all set to go ‘to the moon and back’. Wow. What a wonderful moment. The distance is now down to a few metres like they say in marathons. What a journey it has been for ISRO and Chandrayaan-2. ISRO is the buzz word, Chandrayaan-2 is buzzing and the whole of India is certainly not fussing over an extended night. We are loving it. Stay tuned to as we bring you every bit of these great scenes from Bangalore and the moon. 

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12:50 a.m. – Some cheers from the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos!

12:40 a.m. – ParentCircle was recently invited to attend an exciting Space event! Don Thomas, former NASA Astronaut gave an inspiring speech to school students -- a hall filled with budding scientists and space enthusiasts. Don has been on four space missions and clocked a whopping 1040 hours in space! Listen to him right here! And YES your kid 'can be an astronaut' too!

12:30 a.m. – Tough one? At least it was a teasing one. Let’s jump to the answers and see if you got it right:

  1. India is embarking on a manned space programme. Name the mission – Gaganyaan
  2. What is the difference between GSLV and PSLV – PSLV is a launch vehicle used for lightweight launches of just over a ton whereas GSLV can take more than 2.5 tons.
  3. How did Mangalyaan get its name? Mangala means Mars and yaana means craft.
  4. Why is Sriharikota used for most satellite launches by ISRO? Satish Dhawan Space Centre or Sriharikota High Altitude Range (SHAR) is chosen because it is nearer to the equator, thereby resulting in plenty of fuel-saving.
  5. NASA for the USA, ISRO for India, ____ for Russia – Russian Federal Space Agency (also known as FKA or RKA)

12:20 a.m. – Trivia time again – How much do you know about the Indian Space Programme? Here are five questions to test you:

  1. India is embarking on a manned space programme. Name the mission
  2. What is the difference between GSLV and PSLV?
  3. How did Mangalyaan get its name?
  4. Why is Sriharikota used for most satellite launches by ISRO?
  5. NASA for the USA, ISRO for India, ____ for Russia

12:10 a.m. – Exciting scenes at the ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Common Network (ISTRAC) facility in Bangalore where in just under 2 hours, we will be witnessing history being made. 60 students, who won the ISRO quiz, are watching every minute of these wonderful moments from the control centre. The latest news is that PM Modi has arrived at the centre and is going to be eagerly watching the big moment. Today is a game-changer not just in the lives of these 60 students, but also that of several others all across India. No wonder then that the ‘cartoon and OTT’ buffs are staying up so late to watch something more meaningful and definitive in their lives. The science culture is back and how! School directors and principals all over India are equally excited. Parentcircle spoke to Ms Seetha Kiran, Regional Director, DAV Institutions, South Zone to understand how this can positively impact students. Here’s what she has to say:

“It is a glorious day for us all and a mission like Chandrayaan 2 is the perfect opportunity to develop interest in children for space and science. Now, our children would dream big and Dr Abdul Kalam’s dream of seeing every child reach their full potential could be fullfilled. I am so happy for those school children who are watching the landing live from ISRO. It will be an unforgettable day for them. This will be the proudest moment for them all. I believe a child learns more outside a class than inside. There should be mandatory school tours to ISRO to show children the dedication and passion with which the scientists work there. Our school system needs to come out of the rat race mentality to encourage real talents in school. Once children are not bound to marks and ranks than quest for knowledge can go a long way.”

12 midnight – And the big clock says goodbye to Sep 6 and extends a ‘moony’ welcome to what should soon become a historic day for the Indian space programme. Never ever in the history of ‘moon landings’ has there been an attempt at the south pole of the moon. Chandrayaan-2 is going to be the first attempt and India will become the ‘flag-bearer’ in under 2 hours. Wow.

Did someone say its past midnight and you still haven’t slept? It is well past bedtime for your little one and if he is bugging you for a story, check out our picks of 10 amazing outer space books for your pre-schooler and your child will soon land on the imaginary moon in his imaginary Chandrayaan. Go for it, mommies (and daddies). 

11:50 p.m. – Tricky trivia? If you feel so, late-night blues because this is probably the simplest of trivia tonight in our Live coverage. It’s all in the name, isn’t it? Vikram lander has been named after Dr Vikram Sarabhai, the Father of the Indian Space Programme. 

Quick Trivia again: How did Vikram lander get its name?

11:40 p.m. – 47 days since Chandrayaan-2 launched, and we are now down to within 2 to 3 hours of the historic moment. You are watching non-stop coverage of the ‘moon landing’ feat Live and Exclusive here on Keep following all our channels to stay up to date. The last phase of this historic mission is of Vikram lander descending from the orbit in a dash and then soft-landing between two Lunar craters – Manzinus C and Simpleius N. 

Meet Vikram - Chandrayaan's 2 Rover!

11:30 p.m. – So, who am I? Did you ‘walk’ around scratching your head for the answer? Well, it might surprise you, but the answer is Neil Armstrong, the first human ever to walk on the moon. Armstrong and his Apollo 11 Lunar Module pilot Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to land on the moon. The very next day, the duo spent two and a half hours walking on the moon. 50 years have gone by and even today, Armstrong finds his place in almost every quiz contest around the world. That’s his rich legacy!

11:20 p.m. –Trivia time again – who am I trivia. Ready for it?

I studied aeronautical engineering and my tuition fee was paid by my country’s Navy. I was a part of the Korean War and in 1951, I narrowly escaped after my aircraft collided with an anti-aircraft cable. I escaped probably because I was destined to ‘walk’. Who am I?

11:10 p.m. –Latest tweet from ISRO is here!

11:00 p.m. – ParentCircle spoke to Don Thomas, a 64-year-old former NASA astronaut. Don has been on four space missions and clocked a whopping 1040 hours in space! Here is his heartwarming message to parents who are raising space enthusiasts! It's a ParentCircle Exclusive!

10:50 p.m. - Alright then, time to get a bit artistic. Too much of science, right? Not quite. We’re going to blend art and science for what should be a ‘sci-fi’ cocktail. Confused? Check out an artistic impression of Chandrayaan-2 and you’ll know why.

Chandrayaan 2 Live: Latest News And Updates Of India's Moon Mission

10:40 p.m. –We’re pretty sure your little child jumped in excitement the moment she saw this image. After all, children are naturally artistic. That’s also why Prof. CNR Rao insists science should be like a natural art. So, let’s make science fun for our little pre-schoolers. We now present you with a very interesting article on fun activities for your pre-schooler to enjoy the concept of space and astronauts. Enjoy the read and remember to bookmark this link so you can come back and do these activities.

10:40 p.m. – So, did you crack the True/false trivia? Here are the answers

1. Kalpana Chawla first flew into space in the year 1999 - False

2. Rakesh Sharma presently resides in Sriharikota - False

3. Russians coined the term cosmonauts - True

4. Chandrayaan-2 shot images using Terrain Mapping Camera - True

5. Don Thomas was a former Russian cosmonaut – False

Good job to all those ‘scientists’ who got all of them spot on, just the way Chandrayaan-2 is set to make a spot-on landing in just over 3 hours. 

10: 35 p.m.- Music maestro A R Rahman tweeted his joy at the historic event and piano prodigy Lydian who dreams of one day playing piano on the moon, is performing live to mark this momentous occasion!

10.25 p.m. –Trivia time: Find out if you can answer True or False for five interesting statements below (hint: answers hidden in this Live Blog)

1. Kalpana Chawla first flew into space in the year 1999

2. Rakesh Sharma presently resides in Sriharikota

3. Russians coined the term cosmonauts

4. Chandrayaan-2 shot images using Terrain Mapping Camera

5. Don Thomas was a former Russian cosmonaut 

10:15 p.m. And yes, there are several young budding scientists out there in India. And then there are those lucky few who are going to be present right at the ISRO Headquarters in Bangalore later tonight. Well, not necessarily lucky as they have blazed their way through an online quiz conducted by ISRO in August. This quiz was conducted by ISRO to spread awareness about several programmes of the great organisation. 60 top performers from the quiz conducted for students in class 8 to 10 will join Prime Minister Narendra Modi at 1 am. To talk more about ISRO’s outreach programme, we have with us Dr Srimathy Kesan, Founder-CEO, Space Kidz India.

10: 10 p.m. - Live Update: As Chandrayaan 2’s Vikram module is all set to soft land on the moon, ISRO Chairman K Sivan has said things are going according to plan for this history-making event. "We are eagerly waiting for the event. Everything is going according to the plan," said Sivan. Vikram lander is scheduled to touch down between 01:30 a.m. and 02:30 a.m. on 7 September 2019. ParentCircle reached out to Jagdesh Kannan, CEO, Vaayusastra Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. at IIT Research Park. This is what he had to say about the moon mission: “India's polar moon mission Chandrayaan-2 will be written in history books as India's transformation to a superpower in space technology. As part of the moon mission, a robotic rover named Pragyan will be deployed on Moon's unexplored south pole. The rover will collect minerals and chemical samples from the moon's surface for remote scientific analysis. This has not been done before to such precision levels. This proves Indian scientists are the best and they have proven how economically the moon exploration can be done!”

10:05 p.m. – For those who guessed it right, it was indeed Kalpana Chawla, the first woman of Indian descent to create history. She was such an inspiration and remains one. Kalpana first flew on Space Shuttle Columbia in 1997. But, in 2003, during her second attempt, tragedy struck when Columbia disintegrated into pieces upon re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. Kalpana was posthumously awarded Congressional Space of Honour. I recollect thousands of young girls who aspired (and continue to aspire) to be the next Kalpana Chawla. A true legend indeed. Here’s her story. 

Chandrayaan 2 Live: Latest News And Updates Of India's Moon Mission

10:00 p.m. – It’s 10 pm on the clock and we are continuing with our non-stop coverage of the historic moment in waiting. We are also telling you through this coverage what you can do to encourage love for science in your child.
Trivia time again: Who ventured into space first? Kalpana Chawla or Sunitha Williams?

09: 55 p.m. Here is an amazing sand art of Chandrayaan 2 creatively done by the famous sand artist Sudarshan Pathak! Wow!

09:45 p.m. – Staying firmly in the inquisitive journey recommended by Prof. CNR Rao, we are now going to present you an incredible 3D animation of the entire Chandrayaan-2 mission, produced by ISRO.

09:35 p.m. Alright people, 4 hours to go (240 minutes) and that incredible feeling in all of us. We are all-natural scientists, aren’t we? We love to explore. Isn’t that the very essence of science? Exploration, experimentation and experience. That’s also the message from one of the legendary scientists, Prof. CNR Rao, only one of the three scientists in India to be conferred the Bharat Ratna (CV Raman and APJ Abdul Kalam being the other two). It was a privilege for ParentCircle to meet the great scientist and he had some wonderful messages for budding scientists. Read this Exclusive interview and walk away with key messages from the great scientist.
‘Allow children to Explore’

Chandrayaan 2 Live: Latest News And Updates Of India's Moon Mission

09:30 p.m. - A view of the Control Centre at ISTRAC, Bengaluru. 

09:20 p.m. - ParentCircle spoke to Dr Srimathy Kesan. She is the Founder & CEO of a leading Science and Technology incubator – “Space Kidz India” (SKI). She is the only Indian to be decorated with the Ambassador status to the top 3 Space centers of the World, NASA, ESA, and GCTC – Moscow. Hear her quick byte on Chandrayaan 2.

09:10 p.m. - Where did Chandrayaan-2 take off from? The answer is fairly simple – Sriharikota. Located on the very edge of the Andhra-Tamil Nadu border, this quiet town has witnessed history being made every other month, thanks to relentless efforts of our scientists at ISRO.

09:05 p.m. - Not too far away, sitting quietly in another beautiful place (Ooty) is the man who had scripted history for India in 1984 when he became the first (and the only Indian till date) to fly into space. We talked to him to understand more about that great mission and his amazing statement in Hindi from space ‘Saare Jahan se Achha’. In a freewheeling conversation with ParentCircle a few months ago, Rakesh opened up on a host of issues including why India is going to be the hub of space science. Here’s the link to the exclusive conversation. 

Chandrayaan 2 Live: Latest News And Updates Of India's Moon Mission

09:00 p.m. - One hour into our Live and exclusive coverage of this very special occasion and the excitement just keeps building up. Stay tuned to, India’s fastest growing parenting platform. 

08:50 p.m. Time for a quick trivia again – Where did Chandrayaan-2 take off from?

08:45 p.m. - Cosmonauts versus astronauts – Well, they are both the same. Just that the Russians called them Cosmonauts and the rest of the world (NASA, ESA, CSA and JAXA), astronauts. Both cosmonauts and astronauts have to work in space. Simple! Those who got it right, well done. 

Back to Chandrayaan-2 now, Twitteratti is already abuzz with expectations. So, let’s check out what’s happening there now? 

08:40 p.m. - Trivia time: Cosmonaut versus Astronaut. What’s the difference?

08:35 p.m. - Earlier today, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi tweeted about his regular tracking of the progress of Chandrayaan 2 since its launch.

08:30 p.m. – Like we mentioned a short while ago, several astronauts have lined up in India to get a glimpse of this momentous occasion. One of them is Don Thomas, 64-year-old former NASA astronaut. Don clocked a whopping 1040 hours in space and was a mission specialist on several occasions. He was also the Director of Operations for NASA at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Moscow. ParentCircle managed to meet Don for a quick chat and this is what he had to say about Chandrayaan-2

“I am very excited about Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft landing on September 7. It would be the first spacecraft to ever land on the South Pole of the moon and that is of great interest to NASA because we think there is water and ice… frozen ice down at the South Pole. That is where NASA is hoping to send astronauts. And five years from now, we hope to land two astronauts on the South Pole. Chandrayaan 2 promises to be a great benefit, and is of great interest to NASA, and to scientists all over the world. I will be watching very carefully on September 7 when the lander lands there!”

08:20 p.m. - Human exploration of the moon started in 1958, but so far, only few nations have set their foot on the moon. And yes, no nation has ever sent a mission to the south pole of the moon and when Chandrayaan sets its foot there, we will be the first-ever nation to do so. Isn’t that absolutely wonderful and awe-inspiring? Check out some interesting facts on Chandrayaan-2 and the whole concept of moon landing. 

  • Chandrayaan 2 is India’s second lunar exploration mission after Chandrayaan 1. On successful completion of the mission, India will be the first country in the world to land on the south pole of the moon!
  • The budget of Chandrayaan 2, at Rs 978 crore, is less than the cost of a Hollywood Movie Interstellar which is based on space!
  • Prime Minister Modi would watch the landing of the Chandrayaan 2 along with 60-70 high school student inside ISRO, Bangalore.
  • It is the first Indian mission to explore the lunar terrain with home-grown technology. Chandrayaan 2's algorithm is wholly developed by India's scientific community.
  • With Chandryaan 2, India will become the fourth country to soft land on the lunar surface. The other three countries to have successfully navigated this mission are the United States of America, Russia and China.
  • Once the Vikram lander lands on the moon, the Pragyan rover will roll out and carry out its intended experiments on the lunar surface. Post these experiments, about 5 years from now, NASA looks forward to land astronauts on the south pole.
  • Chandrayaan 2, weighing 3447 kg, was launched on July 22, 2019 at 2:43 p.m. from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. The Chandrayaan 2 rover called Pragyan has six wheels that has been painted in tricolour!

08:10 p.m. – The whole world will be watching India tonight. This special moment has brought to India several former astronauts. The wait is on. You can catch all the action right here on and enjoy our non-stop updates

08:05 p.m. – As we wait with bated breath, here’s a look at the incredible set of images of moon craters which was taken by Chandrayaan 2 while orbiting. This was done using a Terrain Mapping Camera-2 of Chandrayaan-2 from an estimated altitude of 4,375 kms about 2 weeks ago.

Chandrayaan 2 Live: Latest News And Updates Of India's Moon Mission

08:00 p.m. - Hello and welcome to this very very special Live and exclusive coverage we are bringing to you this Friday evening. We are all set to land on the moon in a few hours and words really cannot describe how special this occasion is going to be for every single Indian. I am happy and with me, I have a wonderful and dedicated team of writers, subject-matter experts and designers who will bring you the very latest from this incredible mission of Chandrayaan 2. 47 days since its launch and here we are, with the final countdown. Over the next 6 hours, you will get to read some amazing quotes, articles and watch some great videos related to this special occasion. As India lands on moon, we tell you how you can get your child super interested in science and make science a way of life at home. On this page, you will also get to view the Live coverage of that very precise moment when Chandrayaan 2 will mark its feet on the moon. So, sit back, relax with your devices and stay tuned to this page. Remember to share this link with your family and friends and also actively follow us on our social media pages 

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