Celebrating Stay-At-Home Mothers

This women’s day let’s pay tribute to Stay-At-Home Mothers (SAHMs)who ace at multitasking with no breaks, pays or leaves. If you are a SAHM on the edge, take a breath and read on for some inspiration!

By Aarthi Arun

How many times have you heard the term, just a mom? Stay-at-home mothers, especially in the current era, are victims of bad press. From binge-watching soaps to lazing around all day, people are quick to point fingers at the humble homemakers. I was a SAHM for more than five years (and I wouldn’t want to trade it for all the world). So, I am not new to such eye rolling and prejudice. But, here’s the real deal. A SAHM works all the time: 24/7 with no breaks or leaves – all for no pay and very little appreciation. She is a multitasker who dons many hats from being a personal chef, to a doctor-on-call, to a finance expert, to an audiobook, to a monster slayer and what not! And I am not saying this. A survey conducted by the global giant in compensation evaluation, salary.com, validates every bit of what I am saying. A SAHM works more than 92 hours per week, carrying the roles of around 20 jobs, according to the survey.

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