Capturing Precious Moments Perfectly

Photographing your little one is a wonderful experience. Here are some useful tips to help you capture those perfect moments.

By Shefalii Dadabhoy

Capturing Precious Moments Perfectly

Parents are often amazed at how fast their child grows. From a baby crawling on the floor to standing on her own feet, from her first day at school to her graduation ceremony, time passes at a rapid pace.

So many memories, so many milestones achieved, but not many good pictures clicked to reminisce those moments. Every parent must know how to photograph her child. A few basic rules will help you take good pictures of your child through her years of growing up.

  • Be patient and visualise the picture: First and foremost, do not rush to capture your child's photograph. Just relax and get totally involved in the process. Children are highly energetic and not always willing to listen to instructions on how to pose. Observe your child's mood and anticipate his actions. Capture him in his spontaneous moments, doing his favourite activity and many of these photos will come out naturally. When various emotions and moods are captured, you get a set of precious memories for a lifetime. 
  • Observe your child: By observing your child’s activities over time, you will have an idea as to what situation will lead to that particular moment, which you would like to capture. By anticipating the situation, you will be able to time the perfect shot.
  • Get down to their eye level: When we shoot pictures from a higher level, it shows our perspective of their world. When you get down to their level you get to capture the world as viewed by children. So, don’t be shy to get down on your knees or tummy to get that perfect picture. Often, I am on my tummy on the floor trying to get the best shot.
  • Focus on those beautiful expressive eyes: This is a must. If the child's eyes are not in focus, you may feel that something is missing in the shot. Let there be enough light in your child’s eye to make them sparkle. When shooting outdoors, the rule is to position yourself in such a way that your child is in the shade looking towards the light. If you are shooting indoors, use windows as a source of light. Try and position your baby facing the window.
  • Watch the foreground and background: Remember that child photography is not about the background, the patterns on the wall or the beautiful foliage. Unless you have a valid reason, avoid cluttered foregrounds and backgrounds, while photographing them. Visual background clutter will take the attention away from the main picture. Choose angles in such a way that the background behind your child is clean. If there is clutter, just zoom in closer to her to get a clean composition. Remember, your main aim is to capture your child’s expression or activity and not the surroundings.

Every picture tells a story. The tips mentioned above will help you remember the stories of your child. It is not always about the perfect picture. It is more about the joy one gets in capturing certain moments that one would otherwise completely forget. I am a photoholic mom, who clicks her child every single day! 

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Capture many pictures of your child, take prints of the photographs and preserve them in albums. Your children will grow up — but, her childhood days will stay with you forever through these memories.   

(The author is a children’s photographer who runs her own enterprise, Purple Frog Photography) 

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