Cancer prediction: December month 2018

For ages, people have believed in the power of astrology. One’s moon sign plays an important factor in deciding whether one is favoured by Lady Luck or besieged by failures. Read on to know more.


Cancer prediction: December month 2018

Cancer Parent

This month would see an improvement on the home front. You may have to find ways to improve your relationship with your family members. Your inclination towards home and family will increase. You will be more receptive to understanding them.

Your social status will be satisfactory. You may not be in harmony with the surroundings. Maintain a verbal rapport to avoid discrepancy. You will meet close relatives or friends whom you have not seen for ages, and this will renew the friendships or contacts in the later part of the month.

On the financial front, you would maintain status-quo. The early part of the month would bring in unwanted expenses. You may have to keep a check on your expenses. The amounts due to you will add your bank balance unexpectedly, and this will come as a big surprise in the latter part of the month. Some may invest in land and property or make plans to buy in the future. There could be expenses through vehicles. You may take loans for purchasing a vehicle.

Laziness should be avoided, whether it is regarding work or relations. Some may inherit properties. You may have to avoid making new investments; stocks may suffer.

Short trips could bring fatigue and expense. Children would bring happiness in the later part of the month. If you are inclined towards spiritualism, you may participate in a spiritual retreat. Some may have the divine blessing of meeting an enlightened master and seeking blessings from him. Engaging in religious activities or meeting a religious guru will bring inner satisfaction and peace.

Career-wise, there will be fluctuations in your workplace. Some of you may tend to lose your influence, but you will recover quickly. You might consider changing the environment, but your possibilities are limited and might just as well bring you the same results. Workload and pressure at workplace will drain your energy, and you will feel fatigue and low energy.

Those who are in business may encounter delay and disturbances in materializing the deal throughout the month. Partnership faces some sluggishness and some controversies. Government servants, doctors, surgeon, politicians would score well in the latter part of the month. Those who are in the tinsel world would come to limelight. Realtors would succeed throughout.

Love life would be illuminated at the beginning of the month. Any love affair begun now will be characterized by good cheer and fun. Romance and love affairs may not favour in the later stages of the month. Domestic turbulence is observed throughout, but for silly quarrels.

You would remain in the pink of health throughout except for minor ailments. Spouse’s health may cause some concern. Some may experience pain in the spine and back, and it would get cured. Mother’s health may cause some concern.

Cancer Little One

Children may have to give up some comforts to perform well in school. They may be a little careless this month. There is also a chance of losing a prized possession, so they may have to be careful. Satisfaction will be less, and this may cause some botheration. They may not be in a position to complete their tasks on time. They need to have good focus and manage their time better. Proper planning and implementation can increase their performance. They may display signs of frustration towards any family member, especially towards the mother and that may lead to an argument. They may have to refrain from this behaviour. The health of the mother could be a matter of concern for them. They will enjoy good health; however, some illusionary fear can trouble you.


  • Worship Ganesha on Mondays
  • Take blessings from parents daily
  • Feed cats on Mondays

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