Calm Parent Happy Child

India’s most renowned parenting experts, including Arundhati Swamy, Head, Parent Engagement Programme at ParentCircle, come together as Firstpost launches Season 3 of 9 Months, a web series.

By Team ParentCircle

Yes, the joy of welcoming the most precious moment for every parent soon paves the way for challenges. Raising a happy child requires making conscious parenting choices and spending quality time with your child. This is because a good early childhood lays the foundation for a confident and successful adulthood. To help new-age parents in their parenting journey, Firstpost, one of India’s largest news and features site, has launched Season 3 of '9 months'. After the immensely successful first two seasons, 9 Months - Season 3 focuses on topics such as toddler-parent relationships, toddler health and child education.

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