Books that Teach Manners to Your Preschooler

It is not easy to get your three-year-old to be perfectly poised at the dinner table or avoid a kiddie tantrum when you are visiting friends. But these books on etiquette will make your work a breeze

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Books that Teach Manners to Your Preschooler

There are few things that parents of small children have nightmares about – their little ones creating a scene in public or causing minor but embarrassing accidents at social dos, being just some of them. Expecting preschoolers to be polished and full of etiquette may be a bit much but simple, good manners need to be inculcated in children from an early age.

This can be a challenging task, especially if you have a precocious child. It is important to be gentle but firm while instructing them on telling their Sorrys and Thank Yous. Children learn by observing parents, that is why setting a fine example for your children is significant. What we like about these books, is that they do not lecture children on what they should do. They gently communicate through funny scenarios and are written in a way that children will find motivating.

Here are five instructive books that guide your child to have good manners, in a fun and informative way. Check out our list --

Tea for Ruby

Author: Sarah Fergusson, Duchess of York

Publisher: Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books

Children who love the world of palaces and are enamoured by royalty, will love this book that teaches manners and etiquette while dining. This book is not a boring set of rules. Children will learn to behave themselves, through the lovely story of Ruby, a bumbling little girl who always seems to have a problem with her manners. As much as she tries to resist, Ruby invites trouble everywhere. When she gets a surprise invitation from the Queen to tea, the little girl has to polish her manners. Will she emerge princess? This charming picture book is illustrated by New York Times best-selling illustrator, Robin Preiss Glasser. What’s more this book is also available for download.

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Excuse Me!: a Little Book of Manners

Author: Karen Katz

Publisher: Penguin USA

This beautiful book illustrated by the author herself makes it a breeze for toddlers and preschoolers to learn to say ‘Please’ and ‘Sorry.’ What children will love the most about the book, is the Lift-A-Flap design, through which they discover the answer to be used in various situations. There are funny and familiar situations such as burping at the table and breaking a sibling’s toy, depicted in a way that children would easily understand.

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How do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?

Author: Jane Yolen

Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books

This hugely popular book, which is part of the series, How do Dinosaurs... is all about dining and table manners. Children will love the funny illustrations, depicting these prehistoric giants being rude while eating dinner – overturned plate of food, beans inside the nose and so on. In the second half, the book focusses on how they learn to be well-mannered . The cheerful, rhyming verses and the lovely illustrations by Mark Teague add to the charm of the picture book. Children will thoroughly enjoy going through it, while learning a few things about table etiquette.

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No, David!

Author: David Shannon

Publisher: Scholastic

 This is one of those delightful books that is enjoyed by children over the decades and never goes out of style. Published in David Shannon’s beautiful book of manners is based on a story that he wrote when he was five years old, about a boy who always breaks his mother’s rules. He found the book when he was an adult and turned it into a picture book written in the form of a child’s handwriting and illustrated by the author himself. The book has won many accolades including the 1999 Caldecott Medal and children will identify with the naughty boy, who has to learn his manners.

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Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Author: Mo Williems

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

This book deals with the problem of children throwing tantrums and not accepting no for an answer. But instead of doing it in a serious way, the instructions are given through a plot that children will find hilarious and identifiable. The story has the bus driver taking a break and he asks the reader not to allow the pigeon to drive the bus. Then comes the pigeon, who is bent upon driving the bus, and being unreasonable. The simple yet effective illustrations by the author himself are sure to mesmerise the kids, while teaching them important lessons.    

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