Birthday party ideas for three-year-olds

This is the third article of our ‘birthday party ideas’ series. Plan an exciting cartoon-themed birthday party for your three-year-old.

By Parama Gupta  • 6 min read

Birthday party ideas for three-year-olds

Your child’s third birthday can be made a memorable one with an exciting theme. Why not go in for an all-children’s party this year? Of all the possible themes for a birthday party, a cartoon-based one will be a sure hit with preschoolers.

Planning time: 3–4 weeks

Timing: Start the party at 4 p.m. and end it at around 8 p.m. Make sure you have enough time to include some exciting games and activities.

Guest list: Since this will be an all-children’s party, your list of guests can include children from the neighbourhood and your child’s friends from her playschool.

Invitation ideas: Make a customised invitation card for each guest. You can go for either hand-made or digital cards; digital cards can be made by using simple photo-editing software. Whichever you choose, make sure that the cards reflect the theme.

Dress code: Ask the children to dress up as their favourite cartoon character. Dress your three-year-old to look like the character he loves best.

Party decoration: For a cartoon-themed birthday party, you can create the decorations yourself. Print characters from your preschooler’s favourite cartoon shows, stick them on a polystyrene foam base and hang them using strings. Make bigger cut-outs of the cartoons and stick them all around the house. To make the atmosphere feel grander, make a standee of the cartoon characters and put it up at the entrance. So, go on! Let Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Dora, Mickey and Pluto join the party!

Party menu: Get a cartoon-shaped cake made specially for the occasion.

Here are some snack ideas for the little munchers:

  1. Small cubes of paneer fries
  2. Fruits presented creatively (look online for inspirations)
  3. Cookies of different varieties

Music: Play the background scores of popular cartoon shows in a loop, and also other popular songs the children will enjoy.

Party games and activities: Here are some ideas to add zest to your party.

  1. Cartoon puzzles: Take several printouts of a cartoon character in a colourful setting and stick them on cardboard. Cut the pictures up into small square pieces. Put all the pieces of one picture in a packet. Create as many packets as the number of children. Give one packet of the puzzle to each child. Display the original picture to them on the screen. The children need to solve the jigsaw puzzle. The child who finishes the picture first takes the prize.
  2. Host a cartoon quiz: An option for an interesting activity would be a cartoon-themed quiz show. To make it more interesting, have visuals projected on a wall.
  3. Watch a cartoon movie: To round off the celebrations, watch a popular cartoon movie together with children. Choose a movie that will make the children happy and evoke lots of laughter to make the party even more fun.

Goody bags: Make paper bags with cartoons printed on them, and fill them up with cartoon-themed colouring books, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, school bags, etc. Choose the gifts depending on your budget and children’s preferences.

Your little one and her friends will surely enjoy this cartoon-themed party. Your reward for all the hard work you’ve put in will be the happy smiles on the little faces at the end of the day!

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