Birthday party ideas for five-year-olds

Is it your child’s fifth birthday? Read on to get ideas on how you can make her birthday celebrations special.

By Parama Gupta  • 6 min read

Birthday party ideas for five-year-olds

When your child is five, he begins to understand the concept of parties and celebrations and knows that his birthday is a special day for him. So, he now starts looking forward to it more eagerly than when he was younger.

Here are some ideas to make your child’s fifth birthday party a memorable one.

Idea 1: Plant-themed birthday party

This would be a great way to introduce your child and her friends to the world of plants and create in them an interest and love for nature.

Cake and snacks ideas: Arrange for mouth watering menu ideas to satisfy the taste buds of your child and his friends. You can get a cake baked in the shape of flower, a leaf or a potted plant. Arrange the snacks to look like plants as well.

Decoration ideas: Use a lot of natural plants to decorate the house. You can also make some hand-made decorations revolving around this concept using cut-outs of flowers, leaves, fruits, etc. Try to make them in ways that will fascinate children and teach them a few things about plant life.

Party favours: These could be a small potted plant for each guest, a ‘thank you’ card, some garden toys or a gardening kit that is suitable for children to use.

Games/Activities: Involve the children in planting trees in the garden.

Dress code: Ask the children to come dressed up as trees or to wear dresses with leaf or flower prints.

Idea 2: Underwater party

With this theme, you can teach children about life under water. This gives you great scope for making some eye-catching decorations.

Cake and snacks ideas: You could have a cake baked in the shape of an octopus, seaweed pop corns, sandwiches designed like crabs, oyster-shaped cookies, etc.

Decoration ideas: Decorate the room with different types of terrariums, aquariums or shells and rocks made of paper. Use blue and green fairy bulbs to light up the room in such a way that it makes children feel they are under water. Have cut-outs of different types of fishes, and other water animals and plants.

Party favours: These could include a small aquarium or a terrarium and seashell ornaments.

Games/Activities: Involve the children in making their own terrariums or seashell craft. Arrange for games like ‘dart the fish’s eye’ or fishing games with artificial fish.

Dress code: Ask the children to come dressed as water animals.

Idea 3: Outer space party

This can be an exciting theme if you can pull it off with some great decorations and well-planned games and activities. The children are sure to be fascinated by the universe and space and here’s your chance to make them learn about it.

Cake and snack ideas: Order a cake designed like the solar system. Include snacks such as star fruit, moon-shaped apples, rocket-shaped tikkas, etc. Call it ‘the food of the aliens’.

Decoration ideas: Design the interiors like a spacecraft if you can. Or make space crafts, rockets, stars, planets, moon rocks, etc., from do-it-yourself kits and hang them. You can also decorate an entire wall to show how the sky looks at night and another to show how it looks during the day.

Party favours: You can have masks of aliens and children’s books about space and the universe.

Games and activities: Organise games revolving around concepts like collecting hidden stars, spotting the planets, outer space jigsaw puzzles, and so on. Board games can also be entertaining for children.

Dress code: The children can come dressed as astronauts and aliens.

Your child’s birthday party is also an occasion to show everyone how creative you are. But before you start planning, relax and come up with an idea that is sure to excite and bring joy to every little guest. 

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