Best TV Series For Teens To Watch Right Now

In the teen world, there can either be Netflix or productivity. Never both, so choose wisely! Here is a list of interesting TV series for teenagers to choose from, to help make that decision!

By Vanshika Devuni Kalanidhi  • 8 min read

Best TV Series For Teens To Watch Right Now

In today’s world of Netflix and Amazon Prime, there are way too many good teens TV series to watch, and as a teen I know it can be hard to pick one. Let me help you and your teen there! Are you looking for a socially-concerned show? Then One Day at a time is the one for you! Looking for a clean mix of action and comedy? Try Brooklyn Nine-Nine! And if your choice is something out of the world (quite literally) check out Voltron, a show based on space invasion.

So, pick one from my list of preferred TV series on Netflix or amazon prime that your teen will enjoy. I have also added a short description as to why you should watch them and a trailer to give you the feel of the TV series. Happy binge-watching, one episode at a time!

On to the reviews now.

The Good Place: 

Eleanor Shellstrop, a sarcastic and tired-of-everything protagonist, dies and accidentally falls into The Good Place (a place equivalent to heaven). This is despite being a bad person when she was alive. She figures out the problem and tries to fix it with her soul mate Chidi before a whole bunch of twists and turns show themselves up. This show is full of ethical arguments, questions and is one of the best teen TV series. It teaches us why we should be a good person, rather than simply telling us how. That might sound boring, but The Good Place is filled with interesting characters and hilarious jokes. With the third season releasing on Netflix in a few months, you should put it on your list and binge the first two seasons! Choose this as the next TV show to watch on your list!

One Day At A Time: 

I’m surprised not many people know about this one! One Day At A Time is a comedy show about a Latinx family in America. Each episode covers important social issues – my favourites are the episodes about panic attacks, racism, wage gaps and consent. It’s not just half an hour of woke documentaries – the show has many, many good jokes in each episode. It is also very good in terms of representation – it has a Latinx ensemble, with a non-sexualised teenage lesbian daughter, a refugee grandmother, an army vet single mom, and more. It also has a central theme of family and love. The show got renewed very recently, so go watch the episodes so far. You won’t regret it!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 

B99 is a wildly popular cop comedy. It is one of the few shows that can blend action and comedy. With its funny, non-offensive humour, it’s no surprise if you’ve already heard of it (or watched each episode several times). The characters are all well developed. Most shows ignore the women of the show and give them basic storylines, but b99 has well-rounded motivated women as main characters. One thing I really like about this show is that it comes with a good romance. That might not seem very big, but I like it because it does not seem forced, it isn’t tiring to watch, and they don’t go through a breakup every season, unlike some other shows I know (*cough* FRIENDS *cough*). This is my favourite show at the moment. I can’t wait for season 6 to release on Netflix!

Young Sheldon: 

A prequel to the oh-so-popular show The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon is the much-better-written story of a child genius. Sheldon Cooper is too smart for his age and doesn’t like hiding it. The problem is, not everybody around is as smart. It’s fun to watch Sheldon’s interaction with his peers and his relationships with his family. I love watching his siblings interact with him, and seeing Sheldon grow up in a Christian household despite being an atheist. I prefer this over The Big Bang Theory, ironically. This show is funny, and you might learn something new watching it!


It’s a fantastical show set in outer space! I binged this series all at once in 2017 and I absolutely loved it. The show is centred around a group of seven people, all supposed to be saving the world from the invasion of the Galra (the evil race of aliens). Each of the seven have different personalities, making it fun to watch them interact. It’s filled with relatable jokes despite being so out-of-this-world (literally!). The show is quick-paced and doesn’t seem slow or forced. You’d love it if you’re a teenager or interested in space.

Patriot Act:

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is one of my favourite shows on Netflix. It combines news with comedy. Every week, the Patriot Act comes out with an episode about an important thing that happened in the world that week. He got himself banned in one country already with the dirty laundry he exposed – that’s how well the show reports. It has jokes in between, so it doesn’t get boring. Moreover, the graphs and animations the show uses, keeps you engaged. If you’re Indian, you’ll love the episode about cricket! Watch the show in order to be a better world citizen and get to know about issues around the globe.

So, go on, add these to your watch list, and watch these amazing TV shows. Spend hours or even days with these amazing characters over the weekend. Happy, sad, mysterious or funny, whatever you feel like, Netflix and Amazon Prime have a show for your every mood.

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Written by Vanshika Devuni Kalanidhi in July 2019.

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