Best Places For Iftar Food This Ramadan In Bangalore

Does the aroma of freshly made biryani or a pot of haleem during Ramadan, entice you to look for it? If you are confused where to go for the best Iftar in Bangalore, check out our food walk list.

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Best Places For Iftar Food This Ramadan In Bangalore

With the holy month of Ramadan upon us, iftar is an elaborate affair in several muslim households. It’s that time of the year when Bangalore, like other cities in India and the world, wear a festive look as evening approaches. Numerous food stalls have cropped up across the city, each offering a variety of lip-smacking iftar food.

If you are looking for food stalls to break your fast, or you are a foodie scouting for mouth-watering non-vegetarian dishes that are specially prepared during this time of the year, Bangalore has plenty of options for you and your family. 

From paya soup, which is made mostly from lamb trotters to nalli nihari (a stew that consists of slow-cooked meat or beef in a mixture of spices) to mutton samosas; there are plenty of places in Bangalore that are chock-a-block with the faithful and food aficionados, as the sun sets during Ramadan season. 

Shadab Ahmed, who works for a private company near palace grounds and is following the month-long fast says, "For iftar food, I am spoilt for choice in Bangalore, every place has a speciality of their own. I usually go to Frazer town or nearby areas for iftar delicacies to break my fast."   

So, get ready for a gastronomic delight with an array of non-vegetarian delicacies and desserts prepared especially during this time. Most of these food stalls usually open after dusk when the fast ends and carries on till late hours.

We bring you few places in Bangalore that are frequented by many for their eclectic iftar food fare:

1. Frazer Town

If you are looking for upscale eateries that serve delicious iftar preparations, head to Frazer town for your quota of melt-in-your-mouth kebabs and puffs this Ramadan. Every year, during this time, bakeries such as the popular Albert Bakery, sees people queuing up for its unique delicacy — goat brain puff.

What to eat: kebabs, goat brain puff, dry fruit cookies, chicken banana stick, shirmal naan.

2. Shivaji Nagar

The lanes of Shivaji Nagar are a favourite with the people of Bangalore, especially old-timers during iftar for the non-vegetarian items. The place comes to life after sundown during Ramadan with an array of food stalls selling kebabs, kheema samosas and idiyappams. For the more adventurous, Shivaji Nagar will not disappoint you when it comes to exotic fare, as few stalls sell prized delicacies such as camel meat. For seafood lovers, there are stalls that sell freshly-fried fish and other underwater delights.

What to eat: kheema samosa, pathar-ka-gosht, idiyappam, beef kebabs.

3. Tilak Nagar

The streets of Tilak Nagar in the neighbourhood of Jayanagar witness a frenzy after sundown during Ramadan, as around 20 to 25 food stalls are set up to cater to iftar food. The place is famous for serving chicken kebabs and paya curry. For the adventurous, bizarre food items like roasted ox tongue is on offer. For samosa lovers, Tilak Nagar will not disappoint you either as it has many stalls selling different varieties of samosa with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fillings in them. Pista haleem is another must-try here.

What to eat: suleimani tea, pista haleem, halwa puris, sheekh kebabs, biriyani, phirni.

4. Koramangala

Another foodie heaven for meat lovers is Koramangala. During Ramadan, the area surrounding the popular Empire restaurant in Koramangala is filled with the delicious aroma of kebabs and biryanis. Over the years, many food lovers claim that the lanes around these areas have become the new hub for iftar specialties in Bangalore as traffic congestion has taken the sheen out of Frazer town’s food stalls. With many people thronging these areas for a taste of food items like kebabs to rumali rotis to sweets like shahi tukda, we don’t doubt its new-found fame.

What to eat: mutton dishes, lassi and desserts like phirni, shahi tukda, double ka meetha.

5. Johnson market

Head to the bustling Johnson market in Richmond town for mouth-watering street food during Ramadan. The special stalls that are set up for Ramadan serve delectable special dishes like beef rolls. Most of the stalls have special haleem chefs bought especially from Hyderabad to cater to the demand of the public.

What to eat: paya with buns, haleem, biryani, chicken samosa.

6. Mosque Road

The fame of the food stalls dotting Mosque road in Frazer town goes beyond Bangalore. Numerous food lovers throng the place during Ramadan to savour the delicacies available at various stalls. Back in the day, this street would host around 50 stalls offering Ramadan delicacies like mutton kheema, fried eggs and varieties of chicken dishes. Due to traffic congestion, the number of stalls have drastically come down, but you might still be able to find a few stalls.

What to eat: mutton sheekh kebabs, biriyani, Arabian desserts.

7. Bannerghatta Road

A relatively new entrant to the list, Bannerghatta Road has quickly risen to become one of the go-to places during Ramadan. Many food stalls are set up in the surrounding areas especially around the El-Bilal mosque near Spar Hypermarket. From juicy dates to a yummy bowl of phirni, foodies will get their heart’s fill of Ramadan delicacies.

What to eat: apart from the usual kebabs and biriyanis, try different Arabian sweets like baklava and stuffed dates. Also, try different varieties of paan as mouth fresheners after your meal.

8. Ilyas Nagar

Come the holy month of Ramadan, the narrow congested lanes of Ilyas Nagar in South Bangalore get busy in the evening with many stalls selling a variety of kebabs and other non-vegetarian dishes. The food stalls are mostly frequented by nearby residents, however, if you are wary of the traffic to the bustling Frazer town and Shivaji Nagar, come to this area for your fill of kebabs and other chicken delicacies.

What to eat: kebabs, tandoori chicken, kheema samosas.

Best Places For Iftar Food This Ramadan In Bangalore

From sweets to kebabs and biryanis, Bangalore becomes a perfect destination for food lovers during this time of the year. Whether you are breaking a day-long fast or just wandering the streets following the aroma of food, the city promises to never disappoint you. Dig into yummy treats this Ramzan and let us know what places in Bangalore you frequent the most for the best iftar treat!

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