Best Online Games For Kids

Summer vacations are here. So, here's a list of fun and engaging games that your tech-savvy child might enjoy during the holidays and learn some new skills in the process as well.

By Leena Ghosh  • 9 min read

Best Online Games For Kids

In this day and age of technology, it's next to impossible to keep children away from the virtual world. Since they will get involved sooner or later with the Internet, it's our job to keep a wary eye on them and help them select the right content. This is especially true when it comes to online gaming.

Today there are more options available than one can possibly count when it comes to online games. And they are available on PC, Windows, Mac, Linux and Android platforms. So, we present you some top online games based on your child's age and tell you all about them. Here are our picks for preschoolers, kids and teens. 

Top online games for preschoolers (3 years to 5 years)

1. Nick Jr Games

Available on PC, Mac, Linux

If your child is a fan of 'Shimmer and Shine' or 'Paw Patrol', she will love to play these games where her favourite characters do various tasks such as baking cupcakes or playing together in a musical band, and visit fantastic places. The animation is cute and the colours bright enough to make sure your child has a fun time playing the games.

2. Avokiddo Emotions

Available at Apple store, Google Play

This game is a great way to teach your little one about emotions and how to read facial expressions. With interesting in-game activities, your child might also learn the art of empathy.

3. PBS Kids (Cat in The Hat series)

Available on PC, Mac, Linux

Help your child pick up spatial skills, counting skills and more through these fun and interactive games. The cat in the hat helps him learn how to count, measure and recognise pattern and shapes through various interesting games.

Top online games for primary school kids (6 years to 10 years)

1. Pyramid Magic

Available on PC, Mac, Linux and mobile platforms

This game has various versions. While one uses numbers, others use animals or different images. The aim of the game is for the player to reach the bottom of the line from the top without skipping boxes and touching each number or image only once. It tests your child’s reasoning and analytical skills.

2. Sago Mini Friends

Available on Android, iOS and Windows PC version

Sago Mini Friends constitutes several mini games that test your child’s puzzle-solving skills and creativity. The player begins with selecting a character and goes on an exploration of his neighbourhood of cartoon houses.

The character can go on a play date or fix things around the house. The animation used in the game is bright and colourful and gives your child an opportunity to learn empathy and the importance of sharing.

3. Lego Creator Islands

Available on Android and iOS

If your child loves building blocks, she will love this game. In this game, she can collect Lego bricks from islands and ‘buy’ sets of Legos that can be built with a few taps. In time, she can collect houses, cars and cute animals as well. The animation is child-friendly and will keep her engaged for some time.

Top online games for preteens (11 years to 13 years)

1. Toca Kitchen 2

Available for free on Android and a paid version on iOS

This game combines learning and play in an engaging manner, where your child can create meals by using her imagination. She can invent recipes and try them on other characters in the game. Here imagination is the key, so your child can make a watermelon pizza or a classic cheese burger, whatever she likes.

2. Fruit Ninja

Available on Android and iOS

In this high-energy game, your child can become a Fruit Ninja by slicing fruits lobbed at him. At the same time, he must avoid accidentally slicing game-ending bombs. The game has multi player levels, so he can play the game with his friends as well.

3. Cities:Skylines

Available on PC, Mac, Linux

If your child loved simulation games, especially ones like Sim City, she is sure to love Cities:Skylines. Planning the city as per her liking, adding famous landmarks and getting aerial shots to see the work of art she has created, is something every child will love. Your child will love this game which will allow her to be creative and strategise her next moves.

Top online games for teens (14 years to 16 years)

1. RuneScape:

Available on Mac, Windows, Linux and Android

In this medieval fantasy realm game, your teen can traverse through multiple cities and kingdoms. He can customise his avatar and take various challenges. Combat your enemies, accomplish quests and trade with others. This game will help your teen build his analytical skills.

2. Adventure of Spike Ball

Available on Mac, Windows, Linux and Android

This is a fun adventure game, where your teen needs to solve difficult puzzles to progress through the different levels. The graphics of the game are engaging, and the player needs to survive by overcoming various challenges. Your teen will enjoy the sound effects that accompany the game as she travels into this fantasy world of adventure. There are up to 20 levels in the game and the player must ensure that the ball survives every obstacle tow in points.

3. The Sims 4

Available on PC and Mac and PlayStation

No list on top games online is complete without The Sims. In the latest version, The Sims 4, your teen can live in an exciting virtual world where his character can not only do regular tasks but also feel and express emotions. This simulation game hands over the control of the character to the player entirely, so it feels more life-like. Choose the personality of your character, his dreams and goals, career and hobbies, and interact with other players as well.

While these games are fun and will keep your child happily engaged, it's your job to supervise how much screen time he gets in a day. Look out for signs of gaming addiction and ensure that you take the right steps whenever necessary.

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Written by Leena Ghosh on 8 April 2019.

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