Best Mobile Apps for Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes for kids offer them fun-filled learning. From our collection of learning apps, download the best nursery rhymes apps and videos.

By Bharti Adhikari and Parama Gupta  • 17 min read

Best Mobile Apps for Nursery Rhymes
Nursery rhymes are not only entertaining but educative

Nursery rhymes are an inseparable part of childhood. You can begin introducing nursery rhymes to your child even before he turns one. An early start bestows several advantages such as the development of language skills, ability to identify different objects, better understanding of abstract concepts, motor skills development through actions, enhanced memorising and focusing abilities, and an aptitude for music, among many others. What would inspire you the most to teach rhymes to your child is the fun involved in reciting or singing them together.

Earlier, children read nursery rhymes from books with colourful illustrations. Then came nursery rhymes CDs, with delightful animations and cheerful music. And, now it’s the time of educational apps. With creative interfaces and exciting features, nursery rhymes apps offer a joyful experience to children as they listen to rhymes.

Nursery rhymes apps

Here’s a list of free learning apps, which can help you take your baby’s rhyme-learning experience to an all new high.

Nursery Rhymes in English

1. 60+ Nursery Rhymes

This app presents over 60 popular and most commonly recited English nursery rhymes for children. Simple yet attractive animations accompany the rhymes with the words appearing on the screen. The app gives the options to mark your child’s favourite rhymes, shuffle, loop and play the rhymes continuously. It is also available for offline use.

Developer: Canisrigel Research Labs

Operating system: Android 4.0 and higher versions

Download link:

2. Nursery Rhymes Song and Videos: Top 50 Best Rhymes

This nursery rhymes app presents a collection of common and uncommon rhymes for babies. Its features include lively animated animal characters, upbeat background music and the option to shift between parent and child mode.

Developer: Kidzooly

Operating system: Android 4.1 and higher versions

Download link:

3. ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes Videos Pro

This learning app has a huge collection of nursery rhymes that your child can listen to for hours. The nursery rhymes are categorised for different age groups such as infants and toddlers (0 to 3 years), and preschoolers (3 to 5 years). Apart from providing entertainment, the rhymes also meet some important learning needs of young children. Moreover, you can also create and organise your own playlists.

Developer: ChuChu TV Studios LLP

Operating system: Android 4.4 and higher versions

Download link:

4. Nursery Rhymes & Baby Songs (Free for download)

This educational app plays popular nursery rhymes for kids along with flashcards. The attractive interface is sure to capture and hold your little one’s attention. It’s also a great English learning app from which your child can pick up English language skills.

Developer: Arena Developer

Operating system: Android 4.1 and higher versions

Download link:

5. KidloLand - Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games, Baby Songs (Free for download with in-app purchases)

Rated as one of the most popular family apps by Google Play Store in 2016, this educational app comes with a huge collection of rhymes. It also has features such as games and interactivity to facilitate learning. For babies as young as 6 to 11 months, the rhymes in this app can teach animal sounds, new words as they learn to talk, letters of the alphabet and so on. This nursery rhymes app also has lullabies. This app offers a limited amount of free content, while the rest is available on subscription.

Developer: IDZ Digital Private Limited

Operating system: Android 3.0 and higher versions

Download link:

6. LooLoo Kids - Nursery Rhymes and Children's Songs (Free trial with in-app purchases)

Wide-eyed little Johnny, who features throughout this app, will win your baby’s heart and make her smile. The 3D animation in this rhyme learning app will help her learn the letters of the alphabet, numbers, animals, colours, new words and much more. This is available free for a 7-day trial period.

Developer: Colorcity

Operating system: Android 4.4 and higher versions

Download link:

7. Top 50 Nursery Rhymes (Free for download)

If you are a parent who doesn’t want your child to be glued to the screen all the time, this nursery rhymes app is for you. It is more like a book and the rhymes are played along with pictures and lyrics. You can sit and sing along with your child. And, once downloaded, it doesn’t need any Internet connection. So, you can use it anytime and anywhere. It has a collection of 50 popular nursery rhymes and songs. The company also has an app with a smaller collection of top 28 nursery rhymes.

Developer: DT Games

Operating system: Android

Download links:

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8. Nursery Rhymes from BaBaBear (Free for download)

This educational app is very popular with iPhone users. It has a collection of over 30 nursery rhymes with videos and lyrics. The rhymes can be viewed even offline. The catchy rhythm will make you tap your feet along with your child. However, this learning app features a big banner at the top which could make navigation in the app difficult.

Developer: Mingzhen Wang

Operating system: iOS

Download link:

9. Cute Nursery Rhymes & Songs for kids (Free for download with in-app purchases)

Again, this is a good nursery rhymes app to start with. It has five popular rhymes - Humpty Dumpty, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Jack and Jill, Itsy Bitsy Spider and It's Raining It's Pouring available for free. The app features characters that are hand-drawn and painted. The characters start moving with special sound effects when touched. This can be done even while the video is playing. The animations used are very appealing to preschoolers. But, like most of the apps, this too features ads.

Developer: Touchzing

Operating systems: Android and iOS

Download links:

10. 3D Nursery Rhymes for Kids (Free for download with in-app purchases)

As the name suggests, this app features popular nursery rhymes in 3D format. The rich graphic details and advanced animation brings characters to life. It has an interactive learning interface for children to learn in a lively set-up. The downside is that only two rhymes are available for free. The rest of the content can be accessed through in-app purchase. Offline viewing is available only on the paid version. But it’s a useful app to give children a feel of the latest technology while navigating through the rhymes.

Operating system: Android

Download link:

Indian Nursery Rhymes

1. Tamil Rhymes app (Free for download)

This nursery rhyme app presents Tamil rhymes for children, which will introduce your baby to the people, objects and situations in his new world through attention-grabbing songs.

Developer: BM e-solutions

Operating system: Android 4.0.3 and higher versions

Download link:

2. Top Rhymes Hindi Videos (Free for download)

This education app has a collection of popular Hindi nursery rhymes for kids such as ‘Bandar Mama’, ‘Tamatar Bada Mazedaar’, and ‘Baarish aayi’. The rhymes feature simple, colourful animations that will greatly appeal to babies.

Developer: Happy Bonding

Operating system: Android 4.0.3 and higher versions

Download link:

3. Nursery Rhymes Hindi and English With Lyrics (Free for download)

This nursery rhymes app brings two collections, one of popular English rhymes and the other of Hindi rhymes along with lyrics. There is no video but the rhymes can be played at a stretch. This app can help your baby pick up the various sounds.

Developer: Appsbuilder4u

Operating system: Android 4.0 and higher versions

Download links:

4. Telugu Top Rhymes Videos & Nursery Songs (Free for download with in-app purchases)

This learning app of Telugu nursery rhymes for kids features, Minnu and Mintu, an adorable kid and his monkey friend and their adventures, as they learn about the world around them through memorable songs.

Developer: Kidzooly

Operating system: Android 4.1 and higher versions

Download link:

Nursery rhymes videos

If your child is too young to handle nursery rhymes apps, you can take the help of nursery rhymes videos to keep her entertained. Here’s a compilation of popular nursery rhymes videos for kids.

ABC Alphabet Songs with Sounds for Children

Teach your child the letters of the English alphabet with this modern version of the alphabet song. The video also integrates the sounds associated with each letter, thus imparting knowledge of phonetics along with the identification of letters.

Number and counting rhymes

This video will help your child learn to identify numbers from 1 to 10. The numbers appear on colourful balls, cards, pieces of jigsaw puzzles, on bricks and on the floor. The numbers also develop hands and legs to dance around.

Nursery Rhymes Collection from Dave and Ava

This collection presents an assortment of number songs along with other popular rhymes to help children learn numbers and counting. Adorable cartoon characters in bright and colourful settings enliven the rhymes and are sure to delight babies and young children.

Action rhymes

This popular nursery rhymes video, with its palpable energy, will instantly make you and your baby happy if you are not so already. Make your little one clap along with the kids in the video.

Imitate dear old teddy in this colourful video to turn around, touch the ground, and pretend to polish your shoes and go to school. Very soon your child would want to do it too!

Presenting several action rhymes sung at either a slow or fast pace, this collection is apt for teaching your child actions such as touching different parts of the body, clapping, hopping, jumping, crawling and so on. While your baby may be too young to perform some of the actions, he is sure to be delighted to watch you do them along with the characters in the video.

In this collection of rhymes, human and animals enjoy themselves by performing a variety of actions like snapping their fingers, playing in the park, going for rides and doing chores around the house. Play it to inspire your little one to be active always.

Animal rhymes

Join the cute little kids in this nursery rhymes video as they visit a carnival, where they learn the names, food habits, shelters and calls of different farm animals, before breaking into the age-old popular rhyme ‘Old McDonald had a Farm’.

Meet interesting characters from the animal kingdom in this collection of nursery rhymes, as they tell you enthusiastically about their specialities such as their appearance, abilities, food habits, habitat, offspring and so on. Sung by an adult, the rhymes are heavy on facts.

This video is a collection of 100 animal rhymes and includes old classics such as ‘Goosey Goosey Gander’, ‘Old McDonald had a farm’, ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’, ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’, ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’, and ‘Three Blind Mice', along with several lesser known ones.

Take a ride with the dog, the cat, the pig, the cow and other animals in the bus as the wheels go round and round, and let your child learn the cries of these animals.

Popular rhymes

You probably grew up listening to these and now so will your baby. With simple and cute animations, this video presents 100 age-old popular nursery rhymes in the endearing voice of children.

Indian nursery rhymes

This collection of Tamil rhymes brings several images of childhood and the fun and frolic associated with it. Join Kanmani in her adventures with characters from animal land as they break into cheerful songs every now and then.

Here's a collection of Hindi rhymes for children. The rhymes tell funny stories of animal characters, help pick up letters of the Hindi alphabet and teach moral values.

Listen to Bengali rhymes in catchy tunes, which have delighted many generations of children, taking them on a journey of fantasy and innocence.

With this collection of Gujarati rhymes, go on train rides, make new friends, learn numbers and have fun along the way.


The slow and soothing music of the collection of lullabies will help put your baby to sleep after a long day of listening to rhymes. What can be a better way to end the day than listening to soft and soulful rhymes!

Here's another collection of lullabies to help your little one find her way to dreamland. The singing and the night-time images of the rhymes in this video combine perfectly to induce sleep.

These nursery rhyme apps and educational videos can make childhood the most enjoyable part of your child’s life. They will also have long-lasting effects on her physical, mental and emotional development.

But, as you take the help of these rhymes learning apps, do remember that it is important to build an emotional connect with your child for her holistic development. It is also important to adopt a balanced use of technology to teach little children. So, what are you waiting for? Download from our list of nursery rhymes right away for a wonderful journey together to ‘Rhymesland’. We wish you a happy rhymes experience!

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