Best Mobile Apps for Nursery Rhymes

With changing times, children have started becoming tech savvy at a very early age. To feed this interest, we've listed some great apps that will enhance her developmental skills

By Bharti Adhikari

Best Mobile Apps for Nursery Rhymes
Nursery rhymes are not only entertaining but educative

It is a known fact that today all forms of media have become an integral part of our daily life. We often find ourselves glued to the screens of mobile phones or televisions. Children are no different from us.

Rhymes are the first thing parents look for, when it comes to teaching their little ones. The best way to teach them is through the audio-visual medium. Bright colours, catchy songs and moving characters will appeal to children the most. Apart from fun, it will develop their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Children have a tendency to repeat what they hear and see. Through rhymes they can easily pick up words and actions in a playful environment. Singing rhymes together with your toddler will create a special bond of belonging. Apps are a great source to achieve this as they are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Here is a list of some of the best apps for nursery rhymes. Most of them are available for free, across all platforms.

1. Nursery Rhymes by Chuchu TV (Free Download)

Compatibility: Android and iOS

This ‘Made in India’ app is one of the best to start your child’s journey into the world of rhymes. It is mainly targeted at toddlers and pre-schoolers. It offers 46 popular rhymes for free in a colourful and child-friendly environment. The rhymes can be downloaded for offline viewing anytime anywhere. They also have a parental control feature that will enable you to choose the kind of content you want your child to watch. Most importantly, it offers complete privacy and safety. You are not required to provide any personal details for using the app. An added bonus is that there are no advertisements within the app

2. KidloLand Nursery Rhymes (Free Download)

Compatibility: Android, iOS and Apple TV

An award-winning app, KidloLand has a good collection of classic nursery rhymes and educational songs. It has an interactive feature where children can click on various characters for sound and animation. This will help in developing their interactive skills. It has a playlist feature where you can add up to 25 songs, thus saving the trouble of finding your little one’s favourite rhymes every time. A limited number of rhymes and songs are available for free. The paid version has a wide variety of songs, games and puzzles plus new content is released every month. Again this app doesn’t have advertisements.

3. Top 50 nursery rhymes by DT Games

Compatibility: Android and iOS

If you are one of those parents who don’t want children to be glued to the screen all the time, this app is for you. It is more like a book and the rhymes are played along with pictures and lyrics. You can sit and sing along with your child. Since there are no videos it doesn’t need any internet connection for playing the rhymes. Once it has been downloaded, you can use it anytime without worrying about the data usage. It has a collection of 50 popular nursery rhymes and songs available for free. The company also has an app with a smaller collection of top 28 nursery rhymes.

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4. Kids top nursery rhyme videos by Kidzooly

Compatibility: Android and iOS

This is an all-in-one music app. It features nursery rhymes, songs and lullabies with lyrics, animation and videos. It has a parental mode that would enable you to keep a tab on the child’s activities. Its colourful characters are bound to grab children’s attention and keep them engaged for a longer time. It can be used both online and offline. It is available for free with additional in-app purchases.

5. Nursery Rhymes from BaBaBear (Free Download)

Compatibility: iOS

This app is very popular with iPhone users. It has a collection of over 30 nursery rhymes with videos and lyrics. All of these are available for free. Most features are similar to the apps listed above. The rhymes can be viewed even offline. The catchy rhythm will make you tap your feet along with children. However, the app features a big banner ad at the top which might be a hindrance to children while navigating.

6. Cute Nursery Rhymes & Songs

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Again this is a good nursery rhymes app to start with. It has five popular rhymes - Humpty Dumpty, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Jack and Jill, Itsy Bitsy Spider and It's Raining It's Pouring available for free. The app features characters that are specially hand-drawn and painted. The characters start moving with special sound effects when touched. This can be done even while the video is playing. The animations used are very appealing to pre-schoolers. But like most of the apps, this too features ads.

7. 3D Nursery Rhymes for Kids

Compatibility: Android and iOS

As the name suggests, this app features popular nursery rhymes in 3D format. The rich graphic details and advanced animation brings characters to life. It has an interactive learning interface for children to learn in a lively setup. The downside is that only 2 rhymes are available for free. The rest of the content can be accessed through in-app purchase. Offline viewing is available only on the paid version. But it’s a useful app to give children a feel of the latest technology while navigating through the rhymes.

So, go ahead and download these apps and enjoy fun sessions of singing rhymes with your little one.

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